6 Valentine’s Day Card Templates

Valentine's Day card templates
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6 Valentine’s Day Card Templates

I don’t know about you but I’m a night bird  when it comes to working on new designs. Night is just the perfect time to work in peace. All is calm and quiet, phones are not ringing. Neighbors are silent, my cats are sleeping behind my screen, no horns on the street – nothing obstructs my work.

So, last night I’ve spent working on new Valentine’s Day card templates. It started well, my muses sat on my shoulder and the creation of new Valentine’s Day cards was going smoothly, like a song.

And then I made a mistake. I stopped working on the designs ’cause I had to take care of some other stuff that needed be attended to and by the time I was back, the muses were gone.

Now, that was tough. So, I reached for my usual muse inviting rituals, playing some cool music, drinking coffee, tea, eating ice-cream… etc… until they finally came back! As of that moment I was back on the road again and, ladies and gentleman, here they are:

6 Photoshop Valentine’s Day card templates you are going to love


First, Valentine’s day is all about love innit? So, not just that you will be able to use these card templates in order to show love to the one you love, but you will also be able to use these templates for your own business! Whether you are into photography, printing business or if you are into scrapbooking or web design, or any other design needs. They include commercial use so just let your entrepreneurs imagination and creativity go wild.


  1. Photoshop (7.0 up to new versions compatible) layered files so you can customize them, give them your personal touch and tweak them as you wish
  2. Jpg files are also included so you can edit them in Paint.NET or GIMP or Photo Paint or Photoshop Elements or in just about any decent bitmap/photo editing software
  3. They are quite big, dimensions are 2400px x 1800px at 300dpi – which makes them ready for print
  4. They come with unlimited Commercial license, so you can print and sell them – no strings attached

These are FREE to download in one zipped file.

Valentine’s Day card templates are FREE to download.

OK. Here are the Valentine’s Day Card Templates. 6 of them.

Valentine’s Day Cards Design Templates Pack features:

6 Valentine’s Day Card Design Templates in PSD and JPG

2400×1800 pixels, 6×8 inches at 300 dpi – Print ready Valentine’s Day cards!

– PC/Mac Comaptible, PS layered format
Compatible with:
– Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and new versions
– Paint.NET (with PSD Plugin – To use PSD files with Paint.NET you will need to get PSD plugin.)
– GIMP (as of ver. 2.4)
– Photoshop Elements (all versions)
– Photo Paint X4
– Paint Shop PRO
– Dim.: 2400px x 1800px at 300dpi (Print Ready)
– Unlimited Commercial Use license



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  1. Hi Silvia, thanks for the great post and templates! I think the one with green background is really nice. thanks again

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