Bokeh Elements
Escape the summer lethargy with my sparkling bokeh elements, designed to make your photos shine! Get started with freebies and watch out for budget-friendly packages on Etsy

Battling the Summer Heat with Fresh Ideas

Phew, I’m exhausted! It’s summer, the days are scorching hot, and it’s not exactly my cup of tea. The nights, however, are refreshingly cool and that’s when my creativity tends to awaken. Sometimes, I find myself spinning ideas that, ironically, end up being brought to life by someone else and not me. Why? Probably out of fear of failure, a shadow that’s been tailing me uninvited.

Bokeh Elements for Photos, Creating Sparkling Additions to Photos

Despite the tiredness, today, I’ve managed to craft some exciting additions for photographs – soft, glittering, wavy bokeh elements that can make any picture pop! It’s like sprinkling a little magic dust on your images, turning them from mundane to mesmerizing in a flash.

Experimenting with Midjourney AI Art Deco Barbie Images

I tested these shimmering bokeh elements on recently generated Midjourney AI Art Deco Barbie images. The result? You can see for yourself below (before and after images):

Barbie in Art Deco Style
Bokeh Elements for Photos

Get Your Hands on Free Bokeh Elements

As a token of appreciation for your continual support, I am giving away two JPG files (size 4800×3600 pix, @300dpi) with these enchanting bokeh elements, absolutely free. You can DOWNLOAD them right here and start giving your photos a sparkling makeover!

Bokeh Elements
Bokeh Elements

Watch Out for More Glittery Goodness on Etsy

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll be uploading a package of 12 JPG files with more of these bokeh delights to my Etsy shop, all for a very affordable price.

Until then, enjoy experimenting with these free bokeh elements and bring a spark of life into your photos!

Remember, no fear of failure should keep you from adding a sprinkle of creativity and magic to your world. Let your photos shine with a dash of glittering bokeh!