Clouds: Inspiration from the Sky in Art and Fashion

Women's Van Gogh-Inspired Cloud Print Slip-On Canvas Shoes
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Clouds: Inspiration from the Sky in Art and Fashion

The Beauty of Clouds

Everyone loves clouds, at least the lovely white ones that look like whipped cream on a summer ice cream cone. More accurately, they are known as cumulus and stratocumulus, if I’m not mistaken.

A Reflection on Life from Above

Sitting atop a building in a bustling city, I often gaze at the sky, day and night, as it helps put my daily worries into perspective. Suddenly, all problems seem pointless and utterly artificial, much like the desire for material possessions or conflicts with others who are maddeningly obsessed with the material.

Clouds Through the Eyes of Magritte

I live in a country where the sky is often cloudy, and where local surrealist painter Magritte frequently used them as a motif. Although Magritte never left even a hint as to why clouds were a recurring theme in his paintings, it’s something we can each interpret in our own way. Like most art, after all.

Van Gogh’s Connection with Nature

Another painter, not too far from the country where Magritte worked, masterfully wielded the brush and brilliantly captured feelings while observing nature – Van Gogh. Looking subjectively at the painting called “Wheat field with Cypresses“, I intuitively understand why clouds, and why such clouds.

Personal Artistic Endeavors and the Modern Constraints

Unfortunately, I myself barely know how to handle a brush, aside from a few simple attempts at painting flowers with watercolors. It’s a sad circumstance that, even in the 21st century, with all our advanced technologies and opportunities for living, we still don’t have enough free time to indulge in what fulfills us. Me, like most of the world’s population, I postpone or just fantasize about the ways I would like to spend my time; painting, playing music, restoring old furniture, learning new (unnecessary) languages, filming documentaries on topics of my own choosing, making functional ceramics, crafting useless artistic jewelry, and similar hobbies that interest me.

Oh, well.

Inspiration Turned into Fashion

Women's Van Gogh-Inspired Cloud Print Slip-On Canvas Shoes

Why did I start writing about clouds? It’s summer, and I love wearing light shoes that allow me quick and easy movement, I love clouds, and – voila, Women’s Van Gogh-Inspired Cloud Print Slip-On Canvas Shoes were born. Comfortable slip-on shoes for summer, available in multiple sizes 🙂

Women's Van Gogh-Inspired Cloud Print Slip-On Canvas Shoes

Bringing the Skies to Your Desktop

For those wanting a free download, I have that too: 2 seamless patterns of painted clouds. Create your background, postcard, greeting card, wallpaper, or whatever else.

And enjoy. In the clouds 🙂

Seamless clouds pattern

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