Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2016

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2016
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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2016

This blog post includes January 2016 desktop wallpaper calendar, but it also offers free EPS file with January 2016 dates for those of you who wish to take the challenge and create your own desktop wallpaper calendar. 

They say January is the most depressing month of the year. It seems like, statistically, people tend to be more depressed in January than in any other month. Well, even if it is, statistically, true, that is still not a reason not to try and make the best out of it. I guess it is just a matter of choosing and controlling the focus of our attention, isn’t it? (I know, this is much easier to be said than done).

For instance, most of the greatest winter photo images are took in January. Other cool stuff happen in January too. For instance, this blog post with this cool “make your own desktop calendar” challenge! 🙂

So, guys, let’s defy the statistics and make the the best of this month! First of all, creating new stuff (even as small and simple as wallpaper desktop calendar) is one of the best “mood improving methods” I know of. Second, looking at nice photos is also one of the best mood improving ways. For me, I started by making a January desktop wallpaper calendar. And you can do the same.

So, just for the sake of creating something – you could go out right now, take some photos and make your own desktop calendar our if it. If for any reason you will not make your own and if you like the one from this blog, by all means – download it. As a matter of fact, I dare you to do the same. If you do, I will be honored to feature it here on my blog and on Graphics-Illustrations.Com Facebook page. So, just send it over. This way your work will be seen by at lest 4 more people. 😉 (Hehe! Trying to be funny here, it’s more than four. For sure.)

Also, if you decide that you want to use my brushes for your own desktop wallpaper calendar, I am making them available in this eps file to make the re-sizing even more easy:

Download January 2016 week days dates in EPS format and place it on your own photo to create a desktop wallpaper calendar

Download the January 2016 EPS here

So, no excuses now! Download the .eps with dates, attach it to your own photo and – voila! There goes your own personal wallpaper desktop calendar 🙂

If you are, however, really not in the mood or if you like this one much better here it is:

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2016

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2016

In this desktop wallpaper calendar I used one of the photos I made yesterday in my backyard (more photos from yesterdays backyard photo session can be found here) and, of course the 2016 Calendar Photoshop brushes set helped a lot. It really took literally few minutes to do this and it was a pleasure to make it.

The one I made is available in 8 most popular screen resolutions and I hope your screen resolution will be on the list.

To download it click on your screen dimension and select “Save image as…” (or equivalent) option:

So, my advice for the month is: create and enjoy creations made by others. As I said, if you decide to make your own, feel free to download the EPS with dates from this post and just make it. I will gladly will feature it here on this blog and on Graphics-Illustrations.Com Facebook page.

Take the challenge. Love you all,


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