Fight Animal Cruelty

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Fight Animal Cruelty

October is a month for battling breast cancer but I also want to shine a light on another crucial cause: Combating Animal Cruelty. It’s imperative we put an end to it. Just put an end to it.

I love cats. In fact, I was a roommate with two of them. Therefore, out of love and respect for animals I fully support the idea behind this site:

Unfortunately, I was a witness of animal cruelty because one of my roommate cats was a victim. Today, I sill find it very hard to talk about it although both of my cats died in their old age (over 16 years). In this post, I put a picture, which will say much more.

Fight Animal Cruelty

Thanks to: Cats are crazy

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  1. I just wonder how someone who is cruel to animals finds any peace or restful sleep. You only need to watch them all for a while to know they have personalities, fears and are able to experience pleasure. I didn’t know about Thank you.

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