march desktop calendar

All these news mean one thing – more new free downloads for you guys.

So, well, first things first. For the first time this year we have published a new edition of GBG eZine. We named it March Edition because March starts in few hours or so. In this eZine we bring you some fresh and free Photoshop brushes (as always) and some crazy discounts for designers helpers from our partners. However, it would be best if you just head on right there and see for yourself.


Another thing, Smashing Magazine published my March Desktop Calendar Wallpaper! Woo-hoo! I did not publish with Smashing Magazine for ages and somehow I felt I should submit these wallpapers for their review and see what happens. They liked them and I hope you will like them too!

March 2016 Wallpaper Smashing Magazine:

Spring Is Coming! Desktop Wallpaper

I hope you will like the desktop calendar, download it and use it for March. Well, do you? 🙂

So, what else is new? Well, I moved this site to a new web hosting company. The old servers, well, I just wasn’t happy. They were slow and unstable, so I had to move. So far, this looks good, I hope it will stay this way. I’m not telling any names, but if anyone is interested drop me a message on Graphics-Illustrations acebook page and I will let you know about the details.

Other than that? Well, I guess that’s it for now. I can hardly wait for Spring already. Winter be gone!

Love you all!