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Star Themed Backgrounds Pack

“We are all made of dust from the stars.”

And according to the “Big Bang theory”, this is true. Everything was made of dust. Even the stars. Which, apparently, tend explode from time to time, turn to dust which then, again, re-creates everything from scratch. This is, more or less, my understanding of the Big Bang theory anyway. Could be wrong, though.

Anyways, we are not here to discuss theories, right? We are here to talk about creation. Making stuff.

And these particular background packs offer you to do exactly what the stardust is doing. To create stuff with the little help from the stars.

Ladies and gentleman, today I proudly present you, my latest creation, available for purchase on my Etsy shop.

1. Gold Stars Backgrounds Pack

Shiny stars on white, red, purple and dark blue. Great for placing underneath product or for web use. 8 backgrounds in pack, 3600×3600 pix @300 dpi.

Gold Stars Backgrounds

2. Stars Confetti Backgrounds Pack

Shiny falling stars on dark blue, brown, red and purple. Great for placing underneath greeting card or a product. 8 backgrounds in pack, 3600×3600 pix @300 dpi.

Stars Confetti Backgrounds Pack

3. Stars Backgrounds Pack

Field of shiny stars on a purple, blue, green and green – blue background versions with stripes and without them. Great for placing underneath a card or product. 8 backgrounds in pack, 3600×3600 pix @300 dpi.

Stars Backgrounds Pack

I hope you will like them and join my circle of eternal creation by using them.




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