Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack (10), transparent PNG files

Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack (10), transparent PNG files
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Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack (10), transparent PNG files

Introducing a sprinkle of magic and a dash of sparkle to your creative projects with exclusive:

Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack

– now available through the special subscription offer at just $4 per month (with the freedom to cancel anytime).

This premium collection is your golden ticket to transforming ordinary projects into mesmerizing pieces that shine with the elegance and joy of gold foil stars confetti.

Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack (10), transparent PNG files

Perfect for a myriad of creative endeavors – from scrapbooking adventures, crafting your DIY party decorations, to designing exquisite invitations, labels, cards, or wrapping gifts with a touch of enchantment. These overlays are especially magical for enhancing photos, products, or cards, adding that special glow to wedding invitations, parties, and celebrations.

Crafted with versatility in mind, each PNG overlay boasts a transparent background, allowing the gold stars confetti to shimmer against both light and dark canvases, ensuring your designs stand out with sophistication and flair.

The pack includes:

  • 10 High-Resolution PNG transparent files, each measuring 3600×3600 pixels or 12″x12″ at 300 dpi, promising crystal-clear quality for all your projects.
  • Full compatibility with Adobe Photoshop (7.0 and newer versions, for both PC and Mac), Photoshop Elements, PaintShopPro, Paint.NET, and a wide array of reputable image editing software, making it a seamless addition to your creative toolkit.

Moreover, we’re thrilled to announce that commercial use is not just permitted but encouraged! This means you can freely incorporate these golden delights into your creations, whether for personal projects or commercial endeavors. And The Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack is also shining brightly in my Etsy shop, ready to add a sprinkle of magic to your projects there as well!

Unlock the radiant elegance of the Gold Stars Confetti Overlays Pack and let your designs sparkle with a premium touch.

Subscribe today for an endless flow of creativity and inspiration, all at your fingertips for only $4 per month.

Remember, the magic of creativity knows no bounds – and with these overlays, your projects will too!

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