Free High Resolution Bokeh Backgrounds, Downloads

Free Bokeh Backgrounds
Backgrounds Free Downloads

Free High Resolution Bokeh Backgrounds, Downloads

Yesterday, I created Photoshop brushes called “Text Blocks” and today, my dear friends, visitors, designers, scrapbookers … I bring you some free high resolution bokeh backgrounds. Now, two things:

  1. I am not sure if the name I give my brushes yesterday was the most appropriate one. Maybe I should have called them “Frames” or “Labels” or “Text Tags” or “Text Boxes” “Placeholders“. Well, whatever the right name is, I think it is clear what these Photoshop brushes can be used for. I even prepared a little video, just of out fun and as soon as I make the music (yes, I will try to with my little KeyRig49) I will put the video up. This will be my first-timer (for music I mean) 🙂
  2. For the second part, I promised to get you some backgrounds for the Text Frames (yet another name for yesterdays brushes :)) and, well, I kept the promise. Here are three free high resolution backgrounds (and by High Resolution I mean  3543×2480 pix @300dpi) so you can use those in combination with yesterday’s brushes, put your favorite quotes or statements inside and post them on, well, Facebook, or you can use them for your printing projects. Or just use them however you see fit.

Free Bokeh Backgrounds

You can use them with my latest Photoshop brushes: Text Blocks.

Free Bokeh Backgrounds

Now, you probably noted that the main topic of the above quotes is happiness. Aren’t we all searching for it? Every day of our lives. Consciously or subconsciously we do it. It is part of our human nature. It is always good to remind ourselves on what really matters. And happiness, ours, of people we live with and all living creatures with whom we share this planet with is, I think, something that really matters.

I hope you will like those.

Download the free high resolution bokeh backgrounds by clicking on the link below:



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