From Wedding Photo To Fantasy Art

From Wedding Photo To Fantasy Art
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From Wedding Photo To Fantasy Art


I teamed up with one of the most talented Photoshop artists Ms. Daniela Owergoor and we are preparing a book. And this book should be something you’ve probably never seen before. It is about turning ordinary Wedding photography into a Fantasy Art.

Now, one of the things to do is decide about the format. Is it going to be a good old fashioned printed book? Or iBook? Or PDF book? Or Kindle book? Or all of it?

Well, to tell you the truth, I’d love to see that book printed in a good old fashioned way. Also, I am aware that it is much cheaper to publish on Kindle on Apple iBook store. The easiest thing is to make a PDF but, having it printed out, that would really be something.

It is not easy to find a publisher these days, so I was even thinking about financing the printing of the book by myself. And for that matter, I would need to promote it myself too.

Now, when it comes to promotion, of course, Facebook, Web site, Twitter, SEO, adWords …  there are many, many ways to advertise on-line these days. But still, I have reasons to believe that a good old fashioned visit to the good old fashioned book fair, or graphic design congress, or seminar with a bunch of good old fashioned brochures under my arm would probably be even more effective promotion of the book.

So, what I did, I decided to make a totally cool brochure which will make every decent Photoshop artist, novice or skilled one, want to have it. Now, I don’t think that the brochure printing will be too expensive. I can get 500pcs of 5.5″ x 8.5″ Tri-Fold, full color, double side printing for less than $93. And we’re talking 500 brochures here.

So, here is the design, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! All comments, suggestions and recommendations are welcome!

From Wedding Photo To Fantasy Art

From Wedding Photo To Fantasy Art

Love you all!


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