Gold Stars Confetti Borders

I can’t sleep lately. I wake up at 05:00AM and then that’s it and can’t really point my finger to why. Except for the fact that I do go to bed quite early 🙂

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk about you for a change. How do you sleep at night? A good night sleep is quite important.

Ok. Enough about you. Let’s talk about them for a change. Them? Stars. Why are people so fascinated by stars? Stars are far away and make the sky look beautiful at night. (Providing that there are no clouds. And then again, clouds can be also fascinating, especially at sunset, bit that’s a different story.)

So, where was I?

Ah, on my couch at 5:00AM 🙂

So. Stars make the sky look beautiful. It would look quite dull and depressing without them. And we would be quite positive sure that there is no life in the Universe – except on our planet. We wouldn’t see anything else in the sky, except for darkness. Scary.

Anyways, thanks to this whole concept someone or something came up with – we do have stars. Which is quite awesome and totally cool. We just love them. We even call successful show-biz persons – “stars”, we call our kids or people we adore “stars”, “You are my star.” So, yeah.

The Big Bang theory even claims that we are all made of stardust which was created out of nothing during the “Big Bang” (yeah, I know, sounds bizarre), but hey, what the bleep we know anyway.

One way or another, of course I could not resist to create something on the topic. So, ladies and gentlemen, in this time-space reality we share with each other, again here is something I created for you:

Gold Stars Confetti Borders

Gold Stars Confetti Borders

Gold Stars Confetti Borders

This pack consists of:

  • 10 HiRes PNG transparent files
  • size: 3600×3600 pix, 12″x12″ at 300 dpi

It comes with a commercial use license and can be bought at my Etsy shop: Gold Stars Confetti Borders Pack.

Of course, these can be used for just about any visual design project you may have at hand now or in the future. Most of my customers use it for scrapbooking, but we know that there are (and should not be) practically no limits to the range of applications for these.

Ok. I think that’s it. Enough for Saturday morning. I’ll go on and do some “couch surfing” and for you, I wish you a great weekend and if this pack will make your weekend even more fun – well, nobody would be happier than us. You and me. 🙂