Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition

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Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition


A month later than the last year, but still on time, ladies and gentleman, after last years success when we received 116 graphics (proudly displayed on our Facebook page), we proudly announce

Graphics-Illustrations Summer 2010 Competition

Yes, the competition is back. So, of you remotely like graphics or visual arts, you are invited to participate!

So, what’s the competition all about?

The competition is all about creating graphics with a little help of certain Photoshop brushes (no need to use Photoshop though, you can convert brushes to png with abr viewer and make your graphic in any application).

The idea is to express yourself, your thoughts, emotions or you can just make a banner for your site or business. You can make a graphics for mug, or t-shirt or apparel. Sticker for your car, or your motorcycle and bicycle helmet. Whatever you find interesting, possibilities are unlimited. Whatever it is – we want to see it 🙂

Also, for more inspiration feel free to visit our Facebook page and browse through last years submissions ->


When it comes to technical side of the competition there are few rules you should follow:

1. Dimensions
Please make sure that images are 800px wide (max)

2. Resolution
Images should be 72dpi

3. Format
Images should be in JPG, PNG or GIF format

4. Size
Images should not be bigger than 5Mb

5. Graphic elements
Submissions should include at least one of the following Graphics-Illustrations Photoshop brushes (as we said before, you can convert Photoshop brushes to png and make your graphic in any other application.)

  1. Swirls 2 [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]
  2. Floral Ornaments [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]
  3. Floral Shapes [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]
  4. Hawaiian Flowers [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]
  5. Swirls Outlined [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]
  6. Paisley Designs [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]
  7. Swirled Trees [ PREVIEW ] – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Number of submissions

Well, I don’t know … let’s stick to, say, maximum of three images?

How to submit an image?

Just send your submission(s) to my mailbox at silvia at I will then put them our Facebook page where our fans (3900+ of them) will vote.


Please send your works by August 20th 2010

Who can apply?

All people of good will and that means you too 🙂


I hear you ask:

“Apart from having fun and getting worldwide fame exposing my images to such a wide audience (2500+ daily visitors on Graphics-Illustrations.Com and 3900+ Fans on Facebook), what else do I get for submitting my work to the competition?”

Well, for this year we prepared three awards.

  • 1st Place
    Platinum GBG Membership
  • 2nd Place
    Gold GBG Membership
  • 3rd Place
    Silver GBG Membership

OK. I think I covered just about any question you might have, but if I missed something, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (silvia at

I hope you will enjoy the competition. I will make sure to put all works (that comply with the rules) on Graphics-Illustrations.Com Facebook page and to the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Summer 2010 Competition Facebook Photo album.

Also, best works will be featured on Graphics-Illustrations.Com web site.

I am looking forward to your submission!

Have fun creating!

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