Halloween Photoshop brushes

Halloween Photoshop brushes
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Halloween Photoshop brushes

Leaves are turning yellow and gold,
in the shadow of a tree it’s cold,
although it’s a sunny day
this year is getting old”

Am I good or what?! 😛 Just kidding. But the wind blows. Fall disguised the town. A genuine Autumn. The one that includes yellow pumpkins in the field that I can not see because I live in a city and all I see from my window is more concrete buildings that surround us. But, at least i can imagine what it looks like somewhere in the country right now.

Halloween Photoshop brushes
Halloween Photoshop brushes

Last decade, although it was never even un-official holiday, a number of Croatian population celebrates Halloween. Conservative part of our population is against that new tradition because of the official religious catholic holiday All Saints, that takes place at 1st of November day when people pay visit to cemeteries and remember their friends and relatives that are no longer with us.

31 of October and 1st of November, collision between religion and tradition on one side and new “imported” habits on the other side. And some say that Halloween is nothing but a consumers society festival… Anyways, I would prefer to have holiday every day 🙂 as long as it makes people happy and not frustrated.

So, after scary and bloody T-Shirt accompanied by Trick or Treat bag that I made with my own custom made unique Photoshop brushes I made a set of Halloween Photoshop brushes.

Oh, I almost forgot to add: I recently crafted a brand-new Photoshop Brushes set titled “Wood Leaves” just for you, and it’s available for download at no cost!

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10 thoughts on “Halloween Photoshop brushes

  1. Halloween sounds like Hungry Ghost Festival which Chinese have just finished celebrating> Nice blog!

  2. Hi Silvia…

    I’m from Brazil.. and my mom b-day its in the halloween day… eheh… and she asked to make the invitation to her friends and our family… and I’ve been looking for some brushes to make the invitation. And I see your brushes and I used some of…

    I uploaded the image to my album and I will be apreciated if you liked… this is the link…

    Thanks in advance… ;~)

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