Heart Shaped Diamond Dust PNG Download

Heart Shaped Diamonds
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Heart Shaped Diamond Dust PNG Download

And this? What is this?

I know. This is exactly what you are thinking now. Heart shaped diamond dust? Is it diamonds? Is it hearts? Dust? All of it? Well, yes. It’s all of it. Here is how it goes. Imagine a diamond. Now imagine a diamond being shaped into a heart. Finally, imagine gazilions of those flying free in the sky. Yep, that’s it. You got it 😉

And there is a free download?

As always, my friend. As always. Chances are, statistically, that this is your first time visiting my blog, so well, every time I make a new product, I do two things with it:

  1. I make a free download, “lite”, “stripped” version, so that anyone can try it for free and make sure that this is the quality they are are looking for.
  2. Add the Premium, full version to my Etsy Shop

So, for the free, lite, “stripped” version, you can download it right here:

Heart Shaped Diamond Dust Free Download

This is what it looks like on 100% size (below). Obviously, you can rest assured that these are big enough for almost any kind of visual design project. If you are into scrapbooking, graphic design, paper design, motion graphics, if you want to make posters, book covers, digital arts… these will meet the requirements

Heart Shaped Diamond Dust Free Download

And the Premium Edition of Heart Shaped Diamonds? It’s 3.75$ only?

I know what are you thinking. Why bother, right? Nobody makes a full blog post just to sell a 3.75$ product. Yep. It does not make much sense. I admit. But the market dictates the prices and there’s not much I can do here. Or maybe there is? Maybe.

However, here are the specifications of the Heart Shaped Diamond Pack Premium Edition

  • 12 transparent PNG files
  • from 9 to 11 inches wide, at 300dpi resolution
  • Compatible with all versions of Photoshop and any other image editing application that supports transparent PNG’s
  • Commercial license – unlimited use in commercial production

So, yeah, 3.75$ is really symbolic price. I don’t think anyone is doing a full blog posts to promote a $3.75 product. Especially because it takes many hours of work to make the pack right.

However, I do have several reasons. First, it is my New Years resolution. Make at least two blog posts a week. Why? Because no matter how hard it is to start sometimes, it happens, more often than not, that I do have fun doing it. So, when I have fun doing it I figure, maybe some will have fun reading it and for sure whoever gets the Lite or Premium edition will have fun creating some new great stuff with it.

So, well, I hope you will enjoy the free download, buy the Premium pack in my Etsy Shop.

OK. I think that’s if for this blog post. Weekend is coming, make it a great day and having fun creating!

Love you all!


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  1. Glad you enjoy writing the posts cause I do enjoy reading them. I do love my GBG membership, it had paid for otself. Thank you for being so generous with your talent. Hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂


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