Helping Cats

Helping cats
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Helping Cats

Helping cats

I have to admit. It has been extremely difficult for me to start writing this post. I have been “getting ready” for several days. While usually it is just a matter of making a decision and getting it done, last few days was really hard.


I think depression is hitting hard on me. And if depression attack lasts for several days, it is very difficult to be creative. Let alone funny (which I always try to be). I have also read somewhere that depression (among other stuff) “dumbs you down” too. Well, it’s possible. But if it is true, I will probably be the last one to notice 🙂

Well, hopefully, while am I am still not totally “dumbed down” I decided to make an extra effort and write this despite everything. And this is about helping other beings with which we are sharing this planet. Cats.

As some of you already know I am an active member of one of the Cat Rescues – S.O.S. Cat and one of our main goals is to find homes for abandoned cats or kittens. (Apart of spaying/neutering and making sure that they get medical treatment when needed).

For this purpose we are advertising found cats and kittens on the Internet but also when we have our own booth on various related public events. One of my tasks is to take a picture of a cat, publish it or print it to be displayed at the public event.

Well, of course, whenever I have more time, I try not to make it just a picture, but more as a scrapbook. And for this, of course, I used my own Photoshop brushes and backgrounds. Here is an image of Lucy (and Bantu is above), a beautiful stray cats we are taking care of until we find them a forever-home.

Helping cats

(To make those mini scrapbooks QP I used Bracket Photo Masks Photoshop Brushes set and Bracket Photo Masks 2 Photoshop Brushes.)

All in all, helping other living beings will not save you from your own illness but this is not the point anyway. The point is to do what you can. On both fronts.

I think this is all from me for now. Hopefully, I will be able to write again before Christmas.

Now go, hug the person next to you of first next person you see after reading this. No explanation required, just tell them voices in your head told you to do so 🙂

Love you all,



And I almost forgot! John Lennon was killed exactly 25 years ago. John will never be forgotten and now it’s the time to remember him with his legendary song Imagine. And John was a cat lover too!

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