Free Watercolor Shapes, set of 6 watercolor clip art

This blog post is about moving to a different country, making a change in life and the influence of change on creativity.


Things have changed for the better in so many diffrent way lately.

I think I’ve mentioned before I moved to Luxembourg. It is a small (and a beautiful) country in Europe (Luxembourg) and no matter how hard it was to move over here and settle down in the beginning – the change is a good thing.

New environment, new people, new language, new everything get’s you the feeling of a fresh start. New life.

And I think it influenced my work and this will be more and more obvious in time to come.

So, isn’t this exciting?

I know plenty of you moved to a different country, even continents, many of you are planning to do so and I can tell you one thing – it’s worth it.

As you look at your self in new environment, as you look at the way you act, re-act, think in the new environment and new circumstances, you learn about your self. And as you learn about yourself, you get a chance to improve yourself, to become a better person.

Of course, there was an inevitable stress, after all, it is also moving out of the comfort zone, but this then gives us the opportunity to acquire new skills regarding the stress management, right? 🙂

And this is where I learned to practice mindfulness (I think I mentioned that in my previous blog post). So, I’m sure you’ve heard about this practice and skill. It is basically an ability to observe your thoughts and your emotions, be aware of them. This awareness then becomes a tool which enables you to gain control of your thoughts and once you gain control it is you who decides what to think and ultimately what to feel at any given moment. I still did not get to control my emotions but I am getting there.

So, how does that influence creativity?

I am not sure if there is one general rule for all, but for me – it certainly provides a new “playground” a “testing field”.

Here is why. Mindfulness does not go without awareness of the present moment. And when you create something it comes out of how you feel in the present moment. How you feel will then determine what will your work look like. So, yes, there is definitely plenty of room for exploration here and I am really excited about this. Will keep you posted on how it goes.

So, all in all, I think that’s it for todays blog post. I know it is not really about usual topics graphics, illustrations, scrapbooking, Photoshop brushes or visual arts but it is about changes and it’s influence on creativity and creativity is what it all comes down to.

Anyways, it’s Friday! Time to. Celebrate!

Enjoy your Friday, enjoy your plans for the weekend and what ever you do – stay creative!

Love you all,


P.S.: And now, something completely different: Free Download 🙂

Watercolor Shapes (watercolor splashes), set of 6 watercolor transparent PNG files, watercolor clip art

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Watercolor Shapes, set of 6 watercolor clip art

Watercolor Shapes, set of 6 watercolor clip art

Free Watercolor Shapes, set of 6 watercolor clip art

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  • 30 HiRes PNG transparent files – transparent, you can put one on the top of another
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Watercolor Splashes (watercolor shapes)

Watercolor Splashes (watercolor shapes)