Latest Google Search Update: A Personal Journey

google search update

Latest Google Search Update: A Personal Journey

Google Search Update and Some Thoughts on a Sunny Day

It’s a sunny day in my part of the world today, but despite the sunrays, I find myself a little bit down. My mind wanders through the endless possibilities of surviving in this vast, sometimes ruthless world. We’re living in an era of technological marvels – LLMs, robots, billionaires blasting rockets off to space, and, of course, the ever-evolving Google updates.

Once upon a time, my website was a busy hub with over 4,000 unique visitors daily, offering an array of free resources I created myself: Photoshop brushes, backgrounds, clip art, illustrations, and so much more. But times have changed. Some of these offerings have become obsolete and overshadowed by the capabilities of LLMs that enable everyone to create and hyper-create all sorts of graphics. Yet, I persist in carving out my little spot under the sun. Can’t blame me for that, right?

sunny day and google search update
Dhrome, Brussels (Belgium), photo by me:

The Latest From Google, Google Search Update March 2024

The most recent update from Google aimed to weed out spam content – those sites filled with words chosen solely to appease the search engine giant, rather than to inform or engage real human readers. Announced at the beginning of March and hitting the digital world a week later, this update promised to reshape the internet landscape. For me, the change was not visible. My visitor numbers haven’t seen the increase I was hoping for, so there was no drop either. And I wouldn’t even expect a drop, because I provide useful content.

Despite low numbers in visitors, I haven’t stopped creating valuable content. My website continues to offer useful downloads, and I’ve ventured into e-book writing, drawing from my extensive experience. Moreover, I’ve introduced a section for Premium content, accessible for just $4 a month (with the freedom to cancel anytime). It’s a new direction I’m eager to expand and explore.

What Happens Next with Google?

It’s pretty cool to think about what’s coming up next. Will Google keep prefering the companies that pay them for ads, even if what they post isn’t that great, or will it start really caring about the cool and helpful stuff for people like us? I’m not sure where I fit into all these changes. Should I keep going? It’s hard to say right now.

Changing Things Up: My Plan

After Google changed how search works again, I’ve got two main ideas: make my stuff even better and offer more kinds of things. To really get noticed, I need to do more than just what’s expected. I want to create things that aren’t just okay, but super interesting and fun – stuff that really helps you out and keeps you entertained.

Premium Content

The introduction of Premium content on my site is a leap of faith – a bet on the belief that quality will always find its audience. For a nominal fee, subscribers gain access to exclusive resources, tutorials, and insights that aren’t available anywhere else. It’s an invitation to join me on a journey of creativity and discovery, one that promises to enrich both of us.

Looking Ahead: Unsure But Excited

As I figure out what comes next after Google changed how searches work, things seem a bit shaky. But I’m still excited! The online world keeps changing, and every big change brings new chances to do something cool. I’m all in on making awesome and fun stuff for you all to enjoy. I believe that if we keep trying new things and don’t give up, we’ll make our own special spot in this huge online world.

In the end, dealing with Google’s new search changes isn’t just about getting through tough times; it’s about growing and becoming stronger. I’m moving forward, and I want you to come with me. Let’s see what amazing things we can find and do together, turning any problems into chances to shine.

Ready to Get Creative With Me?

Are you up for discovering a world full of new ideas and fun projects? Jump into my special Premium stuff today, and let’s start an adventure that’ll show us things we never imagined. Together, we’ll wander through the ever-changing online world, making our mark step by step.

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