This post presents new free Photoshop brushes set - Dotted Arrows!


I know it’s August and we all should, probably, just take it easy and enjoy the summer. I don’t know about you, but I certainly am… taking it easy and enjoying the summer. Still, when new ideas for Photoshop brushes start popping out then I enjoy making them.

So, you guessed well, there is a brand new Photoshop brushes set coming your way! And this time it’s Dotted Arrows!

Yes, they are no simple, old fashioned, just … straight, normal arrows. Oh, no! No way! These are dotted!!!

Now, how many dotted arrows did you see in your life? Not many I guess! So, I bet, with these arrows your design you will raise some eyebrows, and I mean it in a positive way – of course! People will ask you: “Where did you get these dotted arrows … No, let me guess! These are Photoshop brushes by Silvia from Graphics-Illustrations.Com?! I knew it! They add-up to this design …” and so on.

And you will just nod your head with a smile on your face. Yet another successful project completed!

OK, enough with the intro! Get those brushes and go back to the beach! You will explore them later, when you come back!

New fresh brush: Dotted Arrows 30+30 (in two sizes!)

Dotted Arrows Photoshop brushes

[ VIDEO PRESENTATION of Dotter Arrows Photoshop Brushes Lite Edition (30+30) ]

[ PREVIEW Dotted Arrows Photoshop Brushes Lite Edition (30+30) ]

[ GET ABR Dotted Arrows Photoshop Brushes Lite Edition (30+30) ] [ GET ZIP Dotted Arrows Photoshop Brushes Lite Edition (30+30) ]

(Don’t forget, this set will be sitting here for next five days and then it will join the rest of the crowd (70+ FREE Photoshop brushes) that are available to all GBG members!)

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Love ya all!



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