No. 1 Emblem Photoshop brushes Free Download

No. 1 Emblem Photoshop brushes Free Download
Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

No. 1 Emblem Photoshop brushes Free Download

Yes, this blog post brings No. 1 Emblem Photoshop brushes. Now, why did I make them?

Well, today is the first day of the New Year 2016.

Good work, Sherlock! What else did you figure out?

I hear you! 😀

I’ll tell you what else have I figured out! I figured out that the answer to the question of what the future holds for us – lies within the answer to the  question of what are we doing today.

That’s what I’ve figured out. So, well, I guess we can all take it easy for a day or two, at least up to Monday and then, make sure you have some good answers to the above questions. 🙂

So, today, I was inspired to do something with No. 1 since today is the first day of this year. Therefore, I prepared (surprise!) free Photoshop brushes set!


No.1 Emblem Photoshop brushes

And I hope you will use them often. It is the “No. 1” emblem (you can make 14 variations with them). It’s here for your to use them to make emblems for you or whoever get’s to be – number one, the best – in anything! And we are all the best in something! If nothing else, we are all the best in being ourselves. Nobody is as good as we are in that! Right?!

So, this is for all of you number ones, may you be the best in whatever you do and even if you don’t make it to the first place, remember, it is our job to strive.

Anyways, will not bother you any more with my yada-yada, the brushes are here, feel free to download them, you don’t have to subscribe to anything, you don’t have to register or share … well, sharing might help, but I’ll leave that it up to you. (Although, I surely do hope that these are worth sharing :))

No.1 Emblem Photoshop brushes

Ladies and gentlemen:

No.1 Emblem Photoshop brushes

  • as always, commercial use OK
  • 14 Photoshop brushes
  • each in two sizes
Number One - Photoshop brushes set



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