On Arts, NFT´s, Bitcoin And Everything

International Women's Day NFT

On Arts, NFT´s, Bitcoin And Everything

So, I wrote two blog posts in the beginning of this year and one, well, almost at the end. Yep. I guess I did not have much to say lately. It’s been a weird year. The word is changing. I mean the world is changing constantly, but the last two years, the changes are epic.

But, me, well, I refuse to change. I am still that good old Silvia who started this blog back in 2007…

Well, not just good old Silvia, I am even better and older 🙂

So, this one thing that is going on and everybody is fully into, I am not going to talk about that. There is this other thing I wanted to talk about. Blockchain, Bitcoin and the whole new economy that is raising on the ashes of the old one.

Well, to cut the long story short, I hope I will soon be able to sell my stuff over here over the Lightning Network. Lightning Network is a layer built on the top of the Bitcoin and it allows small payments with close-to-none fees.

I have to say I am pretty excited about the possibilities that these new technologies offer. I even published a NFT. It did not sell, though but Hey! you know that old Chinese proverb, if you don’t success the first time, it means that you just started.

So, I just started. At the pace that I am going, I believe my next NFT should be on sale somewhere in 2030.

International Women's Day NFT
International Women’s Day NFT

Anyways, just wanted to say Hi guys’n’gals, check the NFT I made, you may like it or you may like some other artworks there at Rarible. There are some really cool ones.

Ok. It’s getting late. Off now. Make it a great Friday night and a weekend I hope to come back soon!

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