Photoshop Brushes and Cats

Photoshop Brushes and Cats
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Photoshop Brushes and Cats

Yes, you guessed! This post is about Cats and Photoshop brushes.

You see, somehow it happened that I have not one, but three cats. It’s a long story. It was supposed to be only one, but, well, what can I say. After a while a friend of mine had to find a home for one of her kittens, then a neighbor’s kitten decided to deliver in our garage… not once but twice… I managed to find a home for all of them, but one of them just stayed with us for too long. So, that’s three!

Anyways, In this post I wanted to share with you some of the photos of my cats and, at the same time, I wanted to make a little demonstration of what Photoshop brushes can do, so that once again, you can see how handy Photoshop brushes can be when it comes to decorating (and creating) your graphics whether it be for your commercial or non-commercial use.

Well, ladies and gentleman, here we go

Photoshop brushes and cats…

They will calm you down when you’re stressed out… I can guarantee you that…

Photoshop Brushes and Cats


they will examine and go through all of your Photoshop books 🙂

Photoshop Brushes and Cats


As you noticed, the graphics above are not just plain photos, these are decorated photos which makes them graphics and these graphics have been decorated with Photoshop brushes.

In the images posted here I used Photoshop brushes that you can download for FREE:

In this graphic below I used Special Mini pack: Bracket Photo Masks 2

Bracket Photo Masks 2 Photoshop Brushes

* 12 brushes in two sizes
* commercial license is, as always, included (so you can make money with them – no questions asked)
* 12 vector files: EPS
* 12 PNG transparent files
* Compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator and more

Preview Special Mini pack: Bracket Photo Masks 2 (Photoshop brushes, vectors and PNGs):

OK. I hope you liked the images and graphics and I hope you have a better idea on what Photoshop brushes can do for your design projects. All of the Photoshop brushes from Graphics-Illustrations.Com come in the highest quality and are available for commercial use as well!

Oh, and one last thing. Cats. Even when they’re asleep, they can make you smile  🙂

Below I used Photoshop Brushes: Month by month Photo Masks

Photoshop Brushes and Cats


Ok, gang. Love you all, give your little kitten a hug, or your dog, or your husband/boyfriend whatever pet you have at hand!

Love you all,


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