Photoshop Brushes for Digital Scrapbooks - New Banners and Frames

And now, something special for scrapbookers!

I prepared a great deal of new addons for scrapbook layouts. Something to help you out with new scrapbook ideas and make your scrapbook albums better than ever before. I’m talking about:

Banners and Frames Photoshop brush set!

Frames and Banners Photoshop Brushes and PNGs

Banners and Frames are probably the most important part of each scrapbook page layout (and you can’t really have enough of those). We all know making new ones can really be pain in the neck.

So, to ease the pain, I came up with a brand new set of Banners and Frames Photoshop brush, which is, as always:

  1. in highest possible resolution so your printable scrapbook layout will work with BIG pictures too
  2. compatible with Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop 7.0 up to Photoshop CS3 and new versions, and can easily be adapted to Paint Shop PRO (see the tutorial here)
  3. with commercial license
  4. great for all scrabooking memories, printable scrapbooks, wedding scrapbooks etc …

Of course, as usual, here is the free version with 3 scrapbook borders and frames [preview] and download (subscription free next 5 days) – Sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and join our GBG for more free downloads. Thanks!

and the ULTIMATE version of scrapbook borders and frames for only $9.00!

Eh, did I mention that my brushes were (again) featured in one of the graphic design magazines? This time in latest issue of Digital Arts!

Love you all! Have fun creating and keep in touch!

These are great for wedding scrapbook too, especially when combined with Wedding Photoshop Brushes set.
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