PS Brushes, Swirls and Butterflies, How-to’s and downloads…

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PS Brushes, Swirls and Butterflies, How-to’s and downloads…

Hi Gang!

I did it again. Just couldn’t help it, played around with some of my brushes (Swirls and Butterflies) and made this little cutie:

Fantasy Butterflies

After it was finished I thought I’d call it Fantasy Butterflies! For the curious ones, I will post a short tutorial on how I did it in a short while.


P.S.: Just a few days back, I shared a tutorial titled “Using PS Swirls Brushes in a Sunset Photo.” If you’re curious about practical examples of how to utilize my Photoshop brushes in your projects, be sure to check it out. It’s a great resource for those looking to explore creative applications of these tools.

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