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Christmas Cards Design Templates
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Photoshop Christmas Card Templates

And now, something special for this special time of the year! Christmas is a great chance, for all of us, to show our friends and family how much we love them and how much we appreciate them. And the best way to say that, still is and will always be, good old – Christmas Card.

But, for some of you, just like me, buying a Christmas card in the store and putting few words on it just isn’t enough!

Christmas Cards Design Templates Pack

We can do better than that! We want to have the option to change and customize the front side of the card as well 🙂 We want to be able to give our personal touch to the greeting card. And some of you might even want to print and sell Christmas cards to earn some extra cash for Christmas!

And this is where Graphics-Illustrations Photoshop Christmas card templates come in!

I prepared 6 Photoshop Christmas card templates with following features:

  1. Photoshop (7.0 and newer versions compatible) layered files so you can customize them, give them your personal touch and tweak them as you wish
  2. They are accompanied with .png files so you can edit them in Paint.NET or GIMP or Photo Paint or Photoshop Elements or in just about any decent bitmap/photo editing software
  3. They come in dimensions of 2400px x 1800px at 300dpi – which makes them ready for print
  4. They come with unlimited Commercial license, so you can print and sell them – no strings attached

Also, should you plan to send these to printing company, I also left some bleed on the corners. The dimensions in inches are 5″x7″ (6″x8″ with bleed). Believe me, printing companies will love you for that because, thanks to that bleed there will be no risk from the white lines on the edges after cutting.

I used to sell cards like these through micro stock agencies where I sell my photos.

But, then I figured, in a typical micro stock agency for card templates you would pay anywhere between $2 (for web size 72dpi cards) up to $50 if you plan to print them in large amounts.

So, instead of paying a fortune for unlimited commercial use, hi-res, print ready Christmas card templates, go figure, mine are here for FREE.

No brainer really. Especially if you consider:

  • what a time saver these are,
  • what are the possibilities,
  • how much fun it is to work with them
  • the fact that now you can make your own, customized Christmas card real fast, in no time

Now, why did I come up with a free Christmas card set? Beat’s me! I guess it’s the southern wind.

OK. Here are the 2010 Christmas Card Templates. 6 of them.

* To use PSD files with Paint.NET you will need to get PSD plugin.

P.S.: Embrace the holiday spirit by crafting your very own Christmas cards from the ground up with our concise tutorial: “Creating Christmas Party Invitation with Christmas Photoshop Brushes”. This guide is perfect for those looking how to create and sell holiday greetings using my free Winter Holidays Photoshop brushes set.

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