Pink, Purple And Gold Watercolor Clip Art w/Free Downloads

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Pink, Purple And Gold Watercolor Clip Art w/Free Downloads

Watercolor Clip Art, New FREE Download

In this blog post I proudly present you Pink, Purple And Gold Watercolor Clip Art. This is completely FREE download and includes 10 Pink, Purple Watercolor transparent PNG files, 10 Gold Foil Dust transparent PNG files – so you can mix them together and make finest decorations for your visual art/expression/design projects 🙂 There is also 10 already mixed pink-purple with gold PNG transparent files.

Some Time has Pased…

But, just before I start, I wanted to comment a bit on the fact that I have been away for so long. Yep. It’s been a while. Last time I wrote something – it was still cold outside. I got my heating up.

Now, it’s 31C degrees outside. So, that’s how long have I been away.

The fact that I was away for so long does not mean I was lazy. Oh, no! I have been adding new products on my Etsy shop and I was doing some freelance shooting for Meero.

I’ve been traveling a bit, so I visited one of the most beautiful places – ever. City of Brugge in Belgium. Here is one of the photos I did there.

Brugges, Belgium,27.05.2019 (photo by bsilvia)

Time for Freebies

So, well, I’m not going to bother you with my traveling adventures, at least not now. Let’s get to brand new, fresh out of the oven, still steaming hot – freebies!

As mentioned above, this free download includes 10 Pink Purple Watercolor and 10 Gold Foil Dust transparent PNG files plus 10 already prepared pink-purple watercolor and gold dust mix PNG files. Down below it’s a direct download link, no questions asked, just hit the “Download” for any of three buttons and enjoy it! Create some cool stuff!

DOWNLOAD FREE 10 pink-purple watercolor design elements, transparent PNG files

DOWNLOAD FREE 10 gold dust design elements, transparent PNG files

OWNLOAD FREE 10 pink-purple watercolor design elements with gold dust, transparent PNG files

So, well, I think that’s all for my first blog post after so long. Don’t worry guys, I’m here since 2009. and I don’t intend to go anywhere anytime soon. At least when it comes to

I hope you are having a great weekend and that it’s not as hot here so you can enjoy it, possibly outside with your friends, family and people you love.

Make it a great and for the next week – make it a great week!

Love you all,


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