Premium Membership Content and Discount on Photo Overlays on Etsy

Premium Membership Content and Discount on Photo Overlays on Etsy
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Premium Membership Content and Discount on Photo Overlays on Etsy

The Wonder of Premium Content

Hey there, awesome friends! I’m super pumped to share something super cool and totally heartwarming with you all. Just a few days ago, I whipped up a magical spot at Graphics-Illustrations.Com:

Premium Content

(only $4 per month)

Think of it as a treasure chest filled to the brim with all sorts of magical photo tricks, artsy doodles, cool photos, eBooks, and heaps more – all for just $4 a month (and you can cancel it anytime! and it is safe using WordPress and Stripe!)

Under Premium Content there is currently:

Premium Membership Content and Discount on Photo Overlays on Etsy
A sample of using Cinematic Dust Photo Overlays on a photo taken with Canon 5D MK II and Canon 70-200mm lens

Photo Overlays: Grab a Discount on Etsy

Imagine stumbling into a hidden garden, but instead of flowers, it’s packed with shiny digital treasures I picked just for you. I’ve flung open the doors to this secret place where, with a few clicks (no dragon-fighting necessary!), you can explore to your heart’s content. And guess what? There’s a magical deal waiting – 30% off on photo overlays until the end of the month! Even the toughest penny-pincher would be jumping for joy at this deal.

The Quirky Side of Etsy

So, Etsy’s like this super creative kingdom, but it’s also got its own maze of taxes – kinda like trying to run a race with your shoelaces tied together.

And I just put a discount on all photo overlays in my Etsy shop, it’s 30% off until the end of the month! It couldn’t get any lower than that, everyone on Etsy knows that Etsy takes all kinds of fees and taxes! For example, there is a transaction fee and a processing fee, both of which are subject to a separate tax. There is also a listing fee, but there is also a tax on that listing fee. So all sellers on Etsy have 6 different payments for one item. And, it’s not the same when you sell something for $1000 and something for $5 (like me).

A Dash of Joy and a Whole Lot of Making

But, ok, I won’t complain, because what is life but a constant struggle, and I don’t want to drown in that struggle.

I want to tell you: grab onto creativity like it’s your magic sword. Whether you’re turning a plain photo into an epic piece of art or doodling up your next masterpiece, remember – making stuff is the best kind of fun you can have.

So everyone reading this, be happy and have fun creating because it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and others around you.


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