Some Thoughts On Life, Magic And The Glitter Stardust We Are All Made Of

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Some Thoughts On Life, Magic And The Glitter Stardust We Are All Made Of

You know what? We should all have more fun. Don’t you think? Sometimes we take life too seriously. Really guys. At least that’s what I need at the moment. So, when the goin’ gets tough – let’s get a little bit of magic. By force – if necessary 🙂

And this is exactly what this blog post is all about. Magic. (As always, it is also about my latest product – Glitter Stardust Overlays.

Where There Is Magic There Is A Glitter Stardust (and vice-versa)

For instance, in this point of life I feel a little bit stuck. Don’t want to go into details because… well it’s, I guess, kinda things that bother most of us from time time and we just feel, kinda – stuck. I guess you know what I mean. Just, like, you know – stuck. When you try and try to push in some direction and it just won’t move no matter how hard you try.

And that’s when you wish some kind of magic was here to help you out. You’d just appreciate some help and you don’t think usual human powers can help, that’s where, well, magic kicks-in.

If you believed in it.

Let’s Just Imagine For a Moment…

Let’s just imagine for a moment that there was magic. Let’s imagine the Harry-Potter kinda wizard pops out of nowhere with his magic stick, what would he (or she) do?

They’d wave it – right?! They’d wave it and stardust glitter would just pop out of nowhere, seemingly, producing something that resembles, or really is, glitter stardust and all of a sudden – voila! You’re unstuck! Things get moving, you feel better and all is honky-dory.

Until you get the invoice from the Wizard 😉 Haha! Really, I did’t notice in Harry Potter anyone invoicing anyone for the magic they did.

Creating The By-Product Of Magic

Anyways, you see already where I am heading at. Seemingly, I can’t produce magic, but I can produce the by-product, side effect to every magic is Glitter Stardust. So, what I can do, I can take a photo of me, put a Glitter Stardust Overlay above it and imagine… well, the rest of the story.

Glitter Stardust Photoshop Overlays

So, well, this is where I am going to end this post. Until we all learn to do some magic, at least this is as close as we can get. I hope you will love this download which is, as always, free for all GreenBulbGang.Com Lifetime Members.

And last, but not the least, I will repeat once again the first sentence from this blog post “We should all take life less seriously and have more fun.” and if you can have fun and enjoy what you do – you’ve nailed it.

Therefore, as always – have fun creating!

Love you all,


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