presets for Adobe Lightroom
Dive into the transformative world of presets for Adobe Lightroom! Whether you're racing against the clock or just starting your editing journey, presets can simplify your process. Don't miss out on the massive sale at Design Bundles for an exciting range of preset packs!

Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom – it’s my go-to photo editing software that’s been a reliable partner since its early desktop-only days. Yes, I am that old and even older! Today, I often notice people confusing Lightroom with Photoshop. Let’s clear that up – they are not twins, but cousins, each born for different purposes. Photoshop is a graphic designer’s playground for creating and manipulating graphics, while Lightroom is the photographers’ tool, perfect for light edits and converting RAW files into versatile formats like JPG.

The Magic of Presets for Adobe Lightroom

When time is not on your side and you’ve got a pile of images waiting for their turn, presets for Adobe Lightroom come to the rescue. But don’t mistake them as just time-savers – they’re also excellent guides for beginners. With presets, adjusting levels becomes quick and precise, leading you to your desired effect.

Plus, creating your own presets? Totally possible and highly encouraged! You’ll have your personalized, ready-to-use edits whenever you need them.

How to Use Presets

presets for Adobe Lightroom

Using presets is as simple as pie. Import them, browse through the list, and choose your favorites. You can also fine-tune the intensity to your liking. And the cherry on top – every preset can be further edited and saved as a new one, tailoring your edits just the way you want them.

presets for Adobe Lightroom
presets for Adobe Lightroom

Design Bundles’ Big Sale: A Treat for Lightroom Users

Here’s a heads-up you wouldn’t want to miss: Design Bundles is having a huge sale! Included is the fantastic “Lightroom Effects Bundle. This bundle boasts 20 different packs of presets for Adobe Lightroom, featuring Tropical, Pin Up Girl, Candy, Floral, Indonesia, Color Lightroom Presets, and many more! And let me assure you, they work like a charm on both mobile and desktop. Hurry, and transform your editing process today!

The Lightroom Effects Bundle