Spring Flourish and Some General Thoughts On New Beginnings

Spring Flourish Photoshop Brushes
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Spring Flourish and Some General Thoughts On New Beginnings

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather in my part of the world has been nothing like spring so far. I haven’t seen a “S” of the spring, until today that is. The whole March was snow, cold, blizzards… April did not start much better and I decided to call for the spring in my own way.

By creating a Photoshop brush of course. Finally, I managed to complete and publish the April edition of the Cats Magazine, which is my other passion and it was time to go back to my first passion which is, of course, graphic design, or Photoshop brushes – to be more precise.

Anyways, I decided to do two things:

  1. Create, again, something free for GBG Platinum members
  2. Invite spring to finally show up

And, voila! Spring Flourish Photoshop brushes are here!

Spring Flourish Photoshop Brushes

For all of you, Platinum members of GBG, thank you again and please feel free to help yourself with these brushes. I hope you will enjoy them. For you Ms. Spring, the time has come to wake up and get over here! You should have been here since 20th of March already!


Now, spring is not just about the sun and the end of the winter. There is so much more to spring. For instance, Easter is being celebrated in spring. This is the time when life beats death. In winter the nature is still. Not really dead, but it looks quite dead, still … naked black trees, no leafs, no flowers, no sun after all (or rare sun should I say). And, the spring marks new beginnings. Nature arises from the dead and it’s life starts to flourish again.

For us, humans, we see it as a time of hope. We see symbolism in this “awakening” of the nature. Somehow, we oftentimes project this phenomenon on our own lives. Say, we had difficult times in our life, we lost someone, or we experienced the end in some area of our lives, the end of job, for instance, the end of relationship, something died inside of us with it too.

But, then we see the nature around us, how it is awakening from the dead, how life prevails, how it starts all over again and it is kind of comforting for us, because we look up to it and we have the reason to believe that we can’t do the same in our own lives. We can start all over. New sun is arising, warm weather is coming, winter is conquered, we can start new again.

So, spring is very important to us. It proves that new beginnings are possible, every year, over and over again, new beginnings are happening around us and there is not reason not to believe that new beginnings are possible in our lives too.

So, my dear readers, I wish to finish this blog post by wishing you a very happy new beginnings, whatever you are starting something mew, and no matter how hard it seems sometimes, look up to nature and see how possible it is, how imminent it is –  to start again after the time of stillness.

Winter is over. Springtime is coming 🙂 Today is a beautiful day!

Love you all,


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