Stock Photo By bsilvia© – Freebie Set “Water”

Free Sandy beach foam photos
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Stock Photo By bsilvia© – Freebie Set “Water”

Dear visitors, today I am (yes, again) giving something away for free. This time, free download is a selection of my stock photography and the theme is “Water“.

And I will tell you what inspired me. It’s your emails.

In the last few days I received several thank you emails (you know who you are ;)) and I replied to all of them because it’s such things that keep me going. So, thank you once again for appreciating the freebies and affordable prices on GreenBulbGang.Com I intend to continue adding new quality downloads there and I hope you will continue finding inspiration and help in them.

When I just started with stock photography digital technology was just emerging. For a quality photo you still had to use film. Especially if the photo was to be printed. Nowadays, average mobile phone can make a perfectly good photo in resolution high enough for printing and professional photo equipment exceeded (in resolution) the film quality time folds.

Does it mean we have better photos today then before?

When it comes to technical characteristics, resolution, color gamut, details… yes. No one can deny that.

However, when we perceive what we see on emotional level, when we “feel” the photography, or music or any kind of art for that matter, it is done on emotional level. And this part of us is not triggered by technical characteristics of the medium (like photography in this case), it’s triggered by our inner voice that says “Wow!”.

So, I haven’t been doing stock photography for quite a while, but I do prepare a set from time to time for the members of GreenBulbGang.Com and this time I am giving away a “lite” version of some of my stock photo for free.

The topic is water. Sea – to be more precise. I was always fascinated by sea. Most of us are. So, I believe you will find this free download useful.

Free Sandy beach foam photos

Free Sandy beach foam photos

Free Sandy beach foam photos

Size: 3000×3000 pix @300 dpi, 3 JPG

Free Sea Photos

Full pack named Sandy Beach Foam with 12 JPG photos in 3600×3600 pix @300 dpi is available on Etsy and it is 30% OFF until September 30th 2018. Jennifer and Amanda left the review on this one: “Gorgeous photography, fast download without any issues, thank you!”

You can use it for pretty much any purpose you like, including the commercial purposes. Just stick to the standard Terms of use.

Love you all,


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