Summer 2011 Photo Frames, Photoshop Brushes

Do you know that feeling when you’re, like: “Everything is taken care of and all I need to do now is chill and rest.”

? No?

Well, neither do I. 🙂

But, I’d sure like to know what it’s like.
In the meantime, obviously, we need to take care of things. And, luckily enough, I always enjoy creating new stuff for GBG Platinum Members.
So, you guessed, this post is about new free stuff for GBG Members.

I’d like to mention that our GBG Members get, like,

  1. 24 PREMIUM downloads from GBG shop for free as a part of their yearly membership plan
  2. Along with the 10 hours video Photoshop tutorial
  3. And another 21 PREMIUM downloads from GBG Platinum restricted area
  4. And another 22 PREMIUM downloads from GBG Silver restricted area
  5. +30% discount on all other PREMIUM products from the GBG store

and, every now and then I also add new, free PREMIUM downloads for GBG Platinum members so, summing it all up being a Platinum GBG must feel like “WoooHooo!!!

I know because I this membership reflects exactly what I was looking for when I was a designer working on different projects 🙂

OK. So, now it’s the time for the free add-on for Platinum GBG Members!

They (and you if you join us) are getting a brand new, fresh, out of the oven, still steaming:

Summer 2011 Photo Frames, Photoshop Brushes

Summer 2011 Photo Frames, Photoshop Brushes

As always, just when you needed them 🙂

8 brushes in three sizes, ideal for vacations related design and scrapbook projects!

| Preview Summer 2011 Photo Frames Photoshop Brushes set |

So, I hope Platinum GBG members will love this fresh freebie and if you’re on vacation, enjoying the sun and the beach, no worries, this one will be waiting for you when you come home ready for new adventures in the world of creativity!

Love you all,