Is there life outside of the Facebook? (Or, are we alone here?)

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Is there life outside of the Facebook? (Or, are we alone here?)

Warning: This post might get, occasionally, funny! There are glimpses of funny, least to say. (Also, no free downloads here, check the previous posts for free downloads or join GBG.Thank you.)

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Facebook Fan Page

(I know, the heading is not funny, but that’s how you make an introduction to funny stuff. Just bear with me.)

I know the heading sounds like the news from the future, but the way things go, future not too distant. The world is changing, the Internet is changing too. Facebook has changed everything; the way we communicate, the way we share our thoughts images, videos and “statuses”.

Everybody’s got their own wall now days. (And some wanted to Tear Down The Wall, back in the pre-historic Pink Floyd time). If you did not change your status on the Face for more than a week, the chances are you are dead! If you don’t “friend” with your neighbor on “The Face”, he will consider you hate him and will not talk to you any more (the least to say, there have been even some physical attacks recorded for ignoring the Facebook Friendship request). Facebook even killed Second Life for heaven sake! Now, what does that say? Life on Face is soo much better! You still get to be what you want to be, but you also get to mingle with real people from the real world!

They way things are now, it seems like Facebook is taking over the Internet. When it comes to being on line, or being alive for that matter, like the common behavior these days is: a) Turn on your computer, b) Start Facebook, c) Live on Facebook, d) Turn your computer off, e) Go to sleep. I am exaggerating a bit.

Or, am I?

Yep. We are already talking pre and post Facebook time. You know these conversations:“Oooh, that was so long ago, it in pre-Facebook time! Almost nobody was alive then!” The architecture: “This house was built even before the Facebook time!” not to mention how “This guy! He is so old! He was born before Facebook even existed!”

So, when I check on my blog traffic analytics, it is obvious, most of the traffic are returning visitors, guys who just liked my posts and graphics even before the Facebook time. So, what does it say about you? I mean if you are reading this, it means that you still believe in life outside of the Facebook. So, that makes at least two of us. At least 🙂

Well, anyways, knowing all this, I decided that I will improve my presence on the Facebook (and there are some cool freebies on our Graphics-Illustrations.Com Facebook fan page) so, I created new Facebook Page using Facebook Template from It’s easy to customize and easy to install it: as long as you know how to make cool graphics (or have some cool Photoshop brushes) you should have no problem doing the same for your Facebook page :).

Facebook Template

So, this is what my new “Welcome” Facebook page looks like. And the graphics there were done with a little help from my friends – Photoshop brushes / Digital stamps.

As most of you know, Photoshop brushes/Digital stamps are here to help you out creating graphics for all purposes. Here is what I used to create the Facebook Welcome page.

Photoshop Brushes: Valentine’s (21+21) + 21 PNG file (part of Valentine’s hearts Set)

Valentine's Hearts Set Photoshop Brushes

Valentines PS Brushes set 21+21
This set contains:
* 21 brush at 2000px
* 21 brush at 1000px
* 21 transparent PNG file
– Commercial license
– PC/Mac Compatible
– compatible with Photoshop 7.0 and newer versions
– compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and newer versions

I hope you will like it!


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