Summer Frames – Free Photoshop Brushes for Our Facebook Fans

Summer Frames - Free Photoshop Brushes
Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Summer Frames – Free Photoshop Brushes for Our Facebook Fans

OK. At the time of making the previous post we were just about to reach 5000 fans on our Facebook page.

Now, not many of you knows, probably because I am not stressing it too often, but there are quite a few pretty cool downloads under “Notes” on our Facebook page. So, that’s my way of saying “Thank you” for liking it.

Here is what I’ve got for our Facebook fans so far:

  1. Red Retro Revival Background
  2. 3600×3600 pix Christmas / New Year background (12×12 inches at 300dpi)
  3. Abstract Space
  4. Party Doodles
  5. Floral Photoshop Brushes set

So, to come back to the topic, I was so happy when I realized we are reaching 5000 fans that I promised to make another free download, just for our Facebook fans. Now, we are over 5000 and, as always, I tend to keep my promises, so here is another free download for our Facebook friends:

Summer Frames – Free Photoshop Brushes

Summer Frames - Free Photoshop Brushes

That’s 6 Photoshop brushes in three sizes compatible with Photoshop 7.0 and all newer versions! Also compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and newer versions and GIMP too. You can use them on Mac or PC. You can create anything and use them in your personal or commercial projects.

Now, how cool is that?! I hope you will like (if not love) it.  :))




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