I was wrong

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I was wrong

First of all, I want to say that there will be no free downloads in this post. This will be a “gothic” post. Loads of ashes and plenty of guilt included.

I am making this one for Lilly. And myself.

Lilly, I was wrong. Although you were not completely right in your comment (which I did not publish because it was too offensive), still, for the fact that, for a period of time I did not send “Thank you” emails with free “Antique Frames Photoshop brushes” manually, but automatically, for that part you are completely right.

Why did I stop sending this gift to everyone who took the time and effort to tell me how they found me manually?

I guess it happened when I was on the road, I just did not want buyers to wait for me to send it to them. And then I just left the system on “automatic”. I figured, nobody cared anyways. I thought that people just want to get their free brush and that’s it.

But, you proved me wrong. You did care. And you were, rightfully, disappointed after receiving an automatic reply to your email message.  I am sorry for that. And, I am back, now to the old system.

And that’s basically it. When I am wrong I want to admit it.

Also, I did not betray a single word I ever stated on this blog. I am all for individual approach. Yes, I do want to meet people who visit this blog, yes I was and will always be here for anyone who ever needs my help or just someone to talk to. And this is why I am making this post. If it was not so, I would just remove your comment and leave it as it is. Also, you have no idea how wrong you were when you said that this is making me rich. I almost laughed when I read that (but then I figured, crying would be more appropriate).

You did not leave your email address so I could not send this to you. I know chances are small that you will ever read this, bit still, no matter how small they are I wanted to make sure I did what I could to let you know how I felt about what you wrote in your comment.

I am still all for love and understanding.


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