Summertime Sunset Backgrounds & 5 Of Them

Summertime Sunset Backgrounds & 5 Of Them
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Summertime Sunset Backgrounds & 5 Of Them

Summer’s almost here, innit?

And no matter how cheese some of you might think it is, somewhere deep inside we all actually love the sunsets in the summertime.

And why is that? I’d say it’s quite simple. On summer, when we were teenagers, there was no school and, one way or another, it was the time to do what we want to do, time to experience freedom, new friendships and more often then not – our first kisses happened exactly in the summertime while the sun was “settling” down.

For photographers, sunset is the best time to take pictures. Due to the sharp angle of sunlight as it hits the earth, colors become more vivid, more “reddish”, colors slightly shift from “normal” to “romantic”. But if you are passionate photographer in love, here goes the trouble 🙂 Kiss or shoot? 😉 Just kidding, of course, the choice is obvious, no? I know, it depends on who you ask and what kind of camera you hold. I tell ‘ya, one Hasselblad would surely make me think twice (or once) :))

And, then, once the summer is gone, we all end up with a bunch of photographs, that many of us just love to organize in scrap books. We might even want to prepare a video, a DVD with menus that have backgrounds, many of us are in wedding photography business or just graphic design business, no matter what it is, ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure tonight to proudly present you the latest Graphics-Illustrations product:

Summertime Sunset Backgrounds

Yes, and they come in high resolution so you can even print posters without any fear for the quality of the printout, we’re talkin’ 16×11 inches at 300 dpi (5000×3500 pixels) resolution!

It is 5 of them, backgrounds and I prepared them as a combination of photos and illustrations to awake that warm summertime sunset emotion 🙂

As usual – commercial license is included and they’re jpgs.

I made this little picture down there using one of the Summertime Sunset Backgrounds AND Photoshop Brushes: Birds (dark trees and birds silhouettes) AND Floral Signs Photoshop Brushes set (this little number five in floral shapes).

Now you can download for free this Floral Signs Photoshop Brushes set!

So, I hope you liked them because I know, they like you.  I know, I made them 🙂 Like Gepetto! (I hope you know about Pinocchio ->)

By the way, Pinocchio was one of my favorite stories when I was just a small little kid (as if I am much different now :)). Actually, my mother bought it on a vinyl record and I listened to it on the gramophone over and over again. For younger visitors, I suggest looking up gramophone and vinyl records in Wikipedia.

Anyways, I’m not gonna bother you with my memories any more (sometimes I got really sad listening to that story though…).

I hope you will like the free download.

Love ‘ya all!

Silvia & the “hilarious hoping to become Euphoric”


P.S.: Check out the latest Free Photoshop brushe set: Floral Branches!

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6 thoughts on “Summertime Sunset Backgrounds & 5 Of Them

  1. Silvia, are the silhouettes you used on these background available or going to become available here?

  2. Oh, i have that set already, Siliva. I was wondering about the child on the swing silhouette, horses, etc.

  3. Love this sunset background. Thanks so much.

    I’ve just joined up and I’m amazed and delighted by your gorgeous brushes.

    I’ve downloaded some and now I’m off to try them out. Thank you sooo much.

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