January Blues Contest News!

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January Blues Contest News!

January is behind us and sunny days are coming our way. What a great way to start a blog post!


But, first of all, I owe you guys a BIG apology! Our dear simple on-line designer application had a bug which we were not aware of for too long. Light colored shapes did not look good on dark background after the rendering! Therefore only graphics done on a light background looked good. Now, the bug has been fixed and we all works like a charm. So, once again, I am really really sorry for this. You can go ahead, test the designer now! And if you find another bug I will reward you. 🙂


Since January is known as the most depressing month, I invited you to create graphics and fight the January blues by having fun making, well, graphics with Photoshop brushes!

And now, the time has come to announce… drumroll… the winners! Regardless to the bug in our little on line designer, I still wanted to award those to contestants:

1. The best graphic (membership)


Thank you Cris! You’ll get the free premium membership.

If you are a member already, just send me your login name and I will upgrade your membership 🙂 (Please send your info to info (at) graphics-illustrations.com)

2. Second best graphic award (one PREMIUM Photoshop brushes set) from our Graphics-Illustratios.Com goes to Fiona!

Thank you Fiona! This one was funny! You’ll get the PREMIUM brush of your choice, send me your wish on info (at) graphics-illustrations.com!

Thank you all!

And stay tuned for more. In the meantime enjoy the Valentines day with the one you love and never forget: Have fun creating!



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