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January Blues Contest News!

January is behind us and sunny days are coming our way. What a great way to start a blog post!


But, first of all, I owe you guys a BIG apology! Our dear simple on-line designer application had a bug which we were not aware of for too long. Light colored shapes did not look good on dark background after the rendering! Therefore only graphics done on a light background looked good. Now, the bug has been fixed and we all works like a charm. So, once again, I am really really sorry for this. You can go ahead, test the designer now! And if you find another bug I will reward you. 🙂


Since January is known as the most depressing month, I invited you to create graphics and fight the January blues by having fun making, well, graphics with Photoshop brushes!

And now, the time has come to announce … drumroll … the winners! Regardless to the bug in our little on line designer, I still wanted to award those to contestants:

1. The best graphic (Prize: Gold GBG membership)


Thank you Cris! You’ll get the GOLD GBG membership.

If you are a GBG member already, just send me your login name and I will upgrade your membership to Gold 🙂 (Please send your info to info (at) graphics-illustrations.com)

2. Second best graphic award (one PREMIUM Photoshop brushes set) from our Graphics-Illustratios.Com Shop goes to Fiona!

Thank you Fiona! This one was funny! You’ll get the PREMIUM brush of your choice (worth $9.99), send me your wish on info (at) graphics-illustrations.com!

Thank you all!

And stay tuned for more. In the meantime enjoy the Valentines day with the one you love and never forget: Have fun creating!



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