woman stockings photoshoot

Guys, I’m in a mess! Today, I have to shoot some people :)…

…no, not really: I’ll do a photo session with a loads of people ! And I have do it in my apartment because I don’t have a studio anymore. Well, studio that I had was too small and my current living room is big enough but I don’t like the idea that lot of people mess around my apartment while i work.

The situation: my friend Marina call me one day to ask if I could make a photo session for another friend of her called Suzana. She (Suzana) makes woman stockings and she wants some professional images for her next brochure. I don’t shooting per request, especially here in Croatia where everyone is… well, I don’t like shooting per request. I like to sell images I make through stock agencies much better.

So, in that case I stated that I will not ask for payment, but I will take 50% or more photos for my needs. The models will sign “Model Release Forms” and I will be able so sell these images on stock agencies.

Woman pantyhoses

So, this photo-shooting session will involve: my friend’s girlfriend Melani (who is also my Italian teacher), who will be a model, one girl (Dinka) who I don’t really know that well, my friend Marina (she will be the makeup artist) and the “client” – Suzana. Suzana also mentioned Irina (graphic designer) wants to be present. (Did I mention that I don’t appreciate the idea of too many people hanging around my apartment as I work?) I’m nervous. Really nervous!

So, guys – wish me luck, ‘cos I gonna need it!

Images will be posted here (at bsilvia.com)… at least few of them.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving day to my visitors from USA!