And now something completely different!

Following the rumors on more and more people claiming to be Vampires, I decided to start a magazine “Vampire’s health”, or at least design a cover page in case anyone ever decides to make a magazine for that particular “type” of people.

So, since I took the time and effort to make this cool cover page, thought I might as well show you how it’s done 🙂 so if you are into or plan to become a professional graphic designer this will be funny and cool way for you to learn how to make a cover for the magazine.


This is a part one of the tutorial named: “How to make a cover page layout for the Vampire’s Health magazine” Examine the cover page very closely before proceeding with the tutorial.


Examine…! Did You? OK.

As you can see, a good copywriting is a part where graphic designer and the editor get the inspiration from. The rest is “just” Photoshop. Tutorial is finished.

In our next edition: PORTABLE COFFINS: Take it along – wherever you go (backpack solutions)

Noise reduction in coffins: Find your own peace, latest technology explored Article preview: “Does it sometimes happen that kids in the yard scream so loud that you cannot find peace and sleep in your own coffin? In this issue we examine the latest technology of noise-reduction systems in coffins.”

Report from Europe: Unexplored undergrounds – The Paris underground secrets revealed!

Making money on-line: A fully fledged vampire web site in three easy steps, how to attract visitors

Lifestyle: The thrill of the last three minutes before sunrise; push your adrenaline to the next level! A complete vampire’s weight loss program, loose 2 pounds in 7 nights! Complaints: FedEx delivered in daylight? Why can’t (don’t) they understand?

Travel: Traveling across the ocean: Getting there (in a) safe! The best cargo agencies Tschau!

You’ll need:

Typography: Clarendon Cn BT (90%, regular), Clarendon Hv BT (heavy, faux bold), Swiss924 BT (regular), Arial Rounded MT Bold (faux bold)

Brushes (available on request):
Blood splats, Photoshop brushes
Finger Prints, Photoshop brushes