Twitter to X Change: An Unexpected Twist and a Dance with AI Creativity!

Twitter to X change
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Twitter to X Change: An Unexpected Twist and a Dance with AI Creativity!

The Big Surprise: Waking Up to ElonX :), Twitter to X change

So, Twitter has pulled a Houdini on us! Imagine my surprise when I woke up, sipped my coffee, and found out that Twitter has undergone a facelift and a name change. Now, it’s ElonX! 🙂 OK, it’s an X, you know what I mean 🙂 It’s like ordering a black coffee and getting a frappuccino.

And the X text box cheekily asks: “What is happening?!” So yes, really, what’s happening? Professor X uses his power again. Ha-ha!

A Blast from the Past: The Tesla Investment That Never Was

This whirlwind change spiraled me back to 2008, when I received an email, signed by a certain Elon Musk, inviting me to invest in a peculiar company named Tesla. Back then, Elon Musk sounded more like a new cologne than a person’s name, and Tesla, well, wasn’t that a band? (just kidding, I knew very well who Nikola Tesla was) Ignorance, they say, is bliss, but this one cost me a fortune. As an aspiring artist who often daydreams about affording fancy cheese, investments were, and still are, as foreign to me as quantum physics to a squirrel or a crow. Hence, I missed the golden opportunity to toss in a few bucks. But hey, who needs a Tesla when you can draw one using Midjourney AI, right?

Adventure Time: Designing Logos with Midjourney AI

With X’s new logo staring at me, I decided to conjure up my own variations with the help of Midjourney AI. Think of it as my version of turning lemons into lemonade or, in this case, an unexpected name change into an artistic opportunity. The prompts were the usual suspects – X logo, futuristic, simple, fresh, unique – the whole design shebang. After a creative tussle with the AI, I emerged victorious with a few masterpiece solutions, of which I’ll unveil only the top 13.

Stay tuned to see these incredible designs, sparked by a quirky blend of change, regret, and inspiration!

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