Using Pet Photography On Business Cards Design

How do you guys feel about using photography in business cards design?

I have to admit, the first thing in my mind was “No,no!” when I thought about it. But then, on the other hand, if photography is used in a smart and creative way, it is not necessarily a bad idea. It may even have some humor in it if you design it that way. For instance, I was thinking about putting Mr. Alphons on the business card. Mr. Alphons is an adorable black&what cat and everyone just loves him. So, I realize some people put their own images on the business card, but why not put image of your pet?

I mean your pet also speaks for you. When people see you love your pet they will learn a great deal about you, probably more than from the photo of yourself.

As a matter of fact, I have this image of Mr. Alphons when he was still a small kitten. So, he fell asleep hugging my mouse (computer mouse that is). And I had this idea to sell that image to Logitech for their marketing campaign, they could use a slogan: “Logitech. Mouses even your cats will love!”

However, I never sold that image to Logitech because this does not work that way. Anyways, I figured I could use that image for my own business card. Being a graphic designer and photographer. I tend to believe that this kind of business card will be fun, interesting and informative for others.

The ones who get it will see that I like pets, it tells a lot about you to people, they will also see that I do photography and since I tend to believe that this is a fun photo it might be a great topic for the conversation.

So, I made two business card design as a samples of how photographic images can be used on business cards. I hope you will like it and if anyone knows anyone from Logitech – this image is still for sale 🙂

Using Pet Photography On Business Cards Design

Using Pet Photography On Business Cards Design