Party Scrapbook Kit Little Birdie Told Me

Guys! I am always so happy and delighted to receive your emails.

And when these emails come with the attachment of the work you did with my brushes – the happiness is even bigger!

These are the things that give sense to all that I do all day (and, more often than not – all night too :))

Today was one of these days when you made my day (rather odd sentence construction but I’ll let it be 🙂

Today, I received and email from Vicki Robinson. I’ve known Vicki for quite some time as she is one of the active members on our Graphics-Illustrations Facebook community and a long time follower and supporter of the Graphics-Illustrations.Com blog. Also, Vicki is running her own blog on: which is fabulous!

Here is what Vicki said.

Hi Silvia –

Just wanted to tell you again how much I love your brushes. I’ve been digital scrapping for a couple of years now and have decided to try my hand at designing. I’m still learning, but thought you might enjoy seeing a little printable party pack I’ve completed using the Bird brushes. I had a blast making it!

Thanks again for all you do – your work is just fabulous!


And here is the Party Pack she created:

A Little Birdie Told Me Party Pack

Thank you, Vicki, for showing us what you did with Photoshop brushes. As I said these things make my day!

I wish you the best of success with digital scrapping, your work is great and I am sure many will agree with me. Don’t ever hesitate to send me more of your work as I will be glad to present it on Graphics-Illustrations.Com blog.

This is, also, a call for all of you who create stuff with Graphics-Illustrations.Com, show me what you did and I will be glad to feature it on this blog.

Gang, I don’t want to take up any more of your Sunday. I am sure you will enjoy Vicki’s work, stay cool and enjoy this Sunday to it’s fullest!