Watercolor Poppies Clip Art Set – Free Download

Watercolor Poppies Clip Art Set - Free Download
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Watercolor Poppies Clip Art Set – Free Download

As you may have probably guessed by now, this blog post is about to present you Watercolor Poppies Clip Art Set – Free download. I know you knew that but Google just loves that the keywords of the topic are also mentioned in the first paragraph of the text and I want to keep all three sides happy here. Which three?

  1. First, it’s you, these free Watercolor Poppies are for you. I already have them, obviously, because I made them…. so… well 🙂 (thoughts flowing away at this point, taking a sip of coffee)
  2. Second, Google, of course! We bloggers (including creative souls like you and me) need to keep Google happy ’cause it is the almighty master of the Internet. So we need to obey or else … we’ll be “swimming with the fishes” deep inside it’s search results (now that was funny :DDD here goes one self pat on the back)
  3. It’s me, because I just enjoy letting my thoughts flow as I try to catch-up with the keyboard. Kinda competing with myself. You guessed I must be typing fast 🙂

OK. However, just before we move on to the free download of the day. I wanted to bring something else to your attention. And this is – trends.

I remember, not so long ago (about 10 years, but what is 10 years compared to eternity :D), everybody was crazy about grunge style. Grunge fonts, grunge Photoshop brushes, grunge this, grunge that! OK. I admit, I was  big fan of grunge myself. Made a whole bunch of grunge Photoshop brushes, backgrounds and so on. As a matter of fact, just for fun, I made a google search on grunge on graphics-illustrations.com and I got 518 results!?? Now, this is just for Graphics-Illustrations.Com of course. Grunge was a big 90’s fashion trends, but it kept on living in graphic design all the way to the end of … first decade of this millennium. How do I say? It kept on living all the way to the end of 10’s 😀

So, it was grunge, then it was, swirls,  then it was floral… now I could go on like this for a while and turn this blog post into a book called “Trends in graphic design from 2000 – 2017” but I will not. As a matter of fact – I could.

No, I will not. I might, but this blog post will have to end. Soon. Because it is too long already. But I have so much to say. I can make another blog post…

So, where were we?

Oh, yes! Scrapbookers, designers, creative souls of all trades, now it is the time of Watercolor Poppies!

This is my latest creation and as always I hope you will love it as much as I do. As a matter of fact, even if you love it half as much as I do – it would still be awesome!

As always, I made sure that you get the quality you need. This is why these particular Watercolor Poppies are huge, we are talking a bit more  than 2000 pix in size @600dpi which should be more than enough for all your design needs, not just for digital publishing but also for prints!

Watercolor Poppies Clip Art Set - Free Download

As always, this free download comes with commercial use license so you can use them in your, well, commercial projects 🙂

OK. I think that’s about it for this blog post.

Bye for now, love you all and have fun creating!


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