A message to the “one” who called herself “Becky”

A message to the "one" who called herself "Becky"
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A message to the “one” who called herself “Becky”

Dear one who had no courage to leave your real name or email address,

Calling me names only because you couldn’t find FREE downloads, it’s cheap. And even if you could not find it you could have nicely asked me about it. Not to mention that you reported my provider as a spammer. It is such a sad sad waste of a life and time.

Your threats that you will sell my work without following my TOU are silly. You can’t hurt me this way. Just yourself. Why can’t you see that?

Also, dear “Becky”, it’s interesting that you didn’t have the courage to leave your real email address. Because of you, for a moment, I felt like deleting all of my FREE downloads. But I will not do that. Simply because of all the good people who visit my blog. It’s a pity that you did not leave your email address. We have a lot to talk about.

Please leave your email here. Show some courage, stand behind so many vulgar words you wrote to me.


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20 thoughts on “A message to the “one” who called herself “Becky”

  1. Silvia,
    What you do is so very helpful to the people who know a good thing. The fact that Becky has no class doesn’t concern you. Unfortunately positive feedback is rare. I, for one, apologize for not letting you know sooner that you are appreciated. Hang in there…

  2. What a pity that some people are so unappreciative. I LOVE your brushes and am so grateful for the freebies that you have offered. I have enjoyed your freebies so much that I also have purchased a couple of your brush kits in the past and I just have to say that they are one of my first go-to places whenever I am designing a new scrapbook kit. Please know that your work is appreciated and I look forward to all your blog updates and newsletters because I LOVE YOUR WORK!

    Thanks for all you do and all you give to our community. Sorry that some people have to ruin it for everyone.

  3. You do a fabulous job here, don’t be discouraged. Some people think the world owes them, this person has a lot to answer for. She should be ashamed of herself.

  4. I’m so sorry someone has to be so nasty like this!! Life is too short to worry about people like that! So many people love you and the work you do. Personally I have bought several sets of your brushes because they are the best!

  5. Thank you all! Diane, Linnette, No Reimer Reason, Lee, Laura, Lori, Karen! Thank you for your support. I was really under stress after reading that message. I will continue to publish my brushes and I will continue to offer free downloads. Thank you all!

  6. Silvia is nothing short of amazing. I am just getting started in the photography biz and am in the red financially when I found Silvia’s site on a google search one evening.

    Dear Silvia, I was THRILLED to find your beautifully created snowflake brush, and even MORE so when you allowed it to be used for commercial use. I created a beautiful card, and will send you a copy!

    I didn’t see the e-mail with the link for free downloads, so I e-mailed Silvia late one evening & she e-mailed me back AFTER 2AM! She was gracious, polite and gave me the link. I was blown away by all of the free things that she offers, her obvious love for what she does, and her kindness to respond to me the way that she did. I have started passing the word among our photoshop user group and professional photographers society in Jacksonville FL so she can hopefully make some MONEY for all of the hard work and time that she has invested.

    P.S. to Silvia… I found out the reason that I didn’t receive the link originally, is because my husband had the spam filter turned up a bit, and I didn’t think to check that folder.

    To “Becky”: Proverbs 11:17 “A kind man benefits himself,
    but a cruel man brings trouble on himself “.

    Try being NICE.

  7. Hi Silva,

    I have enjoyed your brushes you put so much work into. I purchased a brush set first then starting doing the freebies that you set out for everyone. I know what you are going thru with this situation since I to have been at the receiving end of another person’s tyrad simply because they didn’t get what they thought they were “entitled” too. Keep your you head held high, believe it or not this person will be back using more of your stuff because it is simply too good to pass up.

    Best regards

  8. Try not to let it bring you down. I ran my own crafts business for almost 5 years, and my clients’ positive feedback kept me motivated to work my tail off for all those years…I didn’t do it to make money, I did it because I loved to see people happy with the custom items I created…the smiles on their faces and the nice letters that they wrote me were priceless. But, I’m a super-sensitive person and one of my last clients was a lunatic-witch of a woman and she kept pestering me for months with phone calls, emails and her outrageous demands…I tried everything to make her happy and then all she could do was complain and be mean. I cried for weeks and got very depressed. Soon after I closed my business and decided to only create my products for family and close friends who would appreciate my efforts. Sorry for my long-winded venting…I just want you to know that the majority of us appreciate your amazing brushes and your creativity. Don’t let one screwball ruin your enthusiasm and your positive energy. Take a deep breath, meditate (or even have a margarita), get some fresh air and don’t let that cruel persons negativity affect your positive path. Karma will see that they get what they deserve…misery.

    Stay Happy 🙂

  9. Dear Tammy, Stephanie and Michelle thank you so much for your support! Now I will definitely work even harder and give even more for you guys and all of the goodhearted visitors.
    Love you all,

  10. Bummer that your having to deal with this- I along with many thankyou for all the great stuff you share with us- Your AWEsome!

  11. Oh my goodness, I can’t beleive anyone would have the gall to contact you like that, ever!

    You have been nothing but the most kind and courteous person on the face of the earth, who makes THE BEST commercial use brushes I’ve ever seen. I have bought 6 or 8 sets of them, plus all the freebies, I have a huge file in Photoshop just for your brushes! ^_^

    Even when I was a complete dunce and couldn’t figure out the simplest things, you guided me with a patient and gentle hand. Keep your head up dear, you are the better woman, and anything else just isn’t true at all.


  12. Silvia,
    I am so sorry to read this post. I have been a “fan” for many months now and have not posted my thanks for all you do for the graphic arts community. I am sorry that I have forgotten my manners. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your wonderful free items!

    I hope you have a better day when you read all the lovely posts from people who really care about the community you have chosen to build!


  13. I just started following your blog and your work and I can say this person that did this to you is nothing more than a selfish person. I am one to wait patiently for what I want and I do want to purchase your brush sets. They are unique and wonderful.

    Don’t let her get you down she isn’t worth it.

  14. Take those type of emails with a grain of salt. that’s how I deal with it.

    I had one person send me an email calling me names simply because my splatter brushes, in her opinion looked like blood and that it was against her beliefs. She then ended the abuse with ‘thanks for nothing’.. I just laughed it off because i can’t imagine what twisted retarded person would think they have any right to leave such comments to anything let alone something FREE.

  15. Thanks Qbrushes, I just found out that “Becky” shared most of my free downloads on 4shared.com. I informed them about it immediately. But, how twisted is that??? I mean, it takes time to do something like this, first to download all that stuff then to register and upload … (By the way, thanks Joanne once again for letting me know 🙂 ).
    This “Becky” person must have some serious issues, and just because she could not find link to my free downloads. Imagine that??! Obviously, she did find it and then published my brushes on some file sharing site. What a rotten thing to do. Well, let them have it. Most of the people who use stolen brushes are not capable doing anything useful with them anyway.
    By the way – respect to your site!

  16. Thank you Micki! I used to think that noone would find my posts funny except for me 🙂 It’s nice to see that I was wrong 🙂

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