Dear one who had no courage to leave your real name or email address,

Calling me names only because you couldn’t find FREE downloads, it’s cheap. And even if you could not find it you could have nicely asked me about it. Not to mention that you reported my provider as a spammer. It is such a sad sad waste of a life and time.

Your threats that you will sell my work without following my TOU are silly. You can’t hurt me this way. Just yourself. Why can’t you see that?

Also, dear “Becky”, it’s interesting that you didn’t have the courage to leave your real email address. Because of you, for a moment, I felt like deleting all of my FREE downloads. But I will not do that. Simply because of all the good people who visit my blog. It’s a pity that you did not leave your email address. We have a lot to talk about.

Please leave your email here. Show some courage, stand behind so many vulgar words you wrote to me.