A Visit To Verdun (France) And Some Thoughts On Peace, Luck and Happiness

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A Visit To Verdun (France) And Some Thoughts On Peace, Luck and Happiness

In this blog post I discuss (with myself, mostly) about the peace and how much of everything we really need to be happy.

On the road to France

One of the advantages of living in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is that you can get to Belgium or Germany or France in less than one hour. And that’s from any part of the country.

For instance, France is about 3500 meters from where I live. So every weekend, or at least almost every weekend, my hubby and I we make a trip to one of those countries.

Verdun, France

Yesterday, we went to Verdun in France. A small, picturesque town where, in 1916. one of the bloodiest battles of WWI took place. German siege of Verdun lasted for 10 months and about 359.000 people lost their lives. For nothing. Absolutely nothing. Town was turned into ruins. People who were not killed in bombardments – fled.

A Visit To Verdun (France) And Some Thoughts On Peace, Luck and Happiness

So, one of the good things of visiting such places and learning about history is that it helps us putting things in perspective. Especially when it comes to our own lives with which we get so frustrated so easily.

People of Europe live in peace for quite some time now. Actually, this is probably the longest period of peace in Europe since the Roman Empire ruled here.

And this peace allows people who live here to prosper, chase their dreams and enjoy life while doing it.


But, our mind is a tricky one. We get used to all that we have so easily. We take it all for granted and then we start to believe that we need more. I don’t know why are our minds set-up like that.

Because, once we get all of this a little voice inside our heads says: “Hey, how about getting a better car? You can’t drive this small tin-can forever. You can’t drive in buses and public transportation forever either. Look around, other people are driving big beautiful cars …”

And before you know it – instead of being happy and contempt – we become frustrated.

Yep. Happens to me. I admit. But then I try to remember all the good things I have in life. I move my focus from other peoples cars and houses to what I do have. Yep, maybe I don’t have a decent car. And the fact is that I do live in a rented apartment, but – Hey! Does it matter? Does it really matter so much? Is it worth a frustration?


No. The matter of fact is that I am happy. I have a warm place to stay, good enough clothes, shoes, enough food and I live in peace. So what more can one want?

Oh! And yes! I don’t have a TV either! I watch my favorite shows on my 2013. notebook. Which is not even an Apple.

And no, there is really nothing more I need. I can do just fine with what I have. I have this great opportunity to create designers assets and sell them in my shops here on Graphics-Illustration.Com, on GreenBulbGang.Com and the FiveCatsGraphics.Com and I think that’s just awesome.

A Visit To Verdun (France) And Some Thoughts On Peace, Luck and Happiness

Exploring new possibilities and being thankful for the opportunities we have at hand – that’s the way “A-ha! A-ha! I like it!” 🙂

So, this blog post was kinda’ messy but that’s, sometimes, how my mind works. I hope I managed to get the message through.

In short, make it a great day today! Try to travel as much as you can and when you feel stuck or frustrated – keep calm, put things in perspective and create something nice.

Love you all!



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2 thoughts on “A Visit To Verdun (France) And Some Thoughts On Peace, Luck and Happiness

  1. I recently received a rather disheartening diagnosis. I am still processing it, but, one thing that keeps my head above water is, “I’m still alive, now!”
    I want to experience and enjoy so much before anything happens to me! It almost angers me that, after all these years, after raising my three children into adulthood, this is what I get?! NO! Not on MY dime! LOL
    We must learn to accept some things in life! For me, it’s which ‘arguments’ I wish to engage in. I can let a lot go, much of the time. But, there are still some things I will ‘fight to the death’ over! LOL
    Peace is it’s own reward, eh?

    1. Dear Su, I am so sorry to hear this. There was a time when I was going trough something similar. I think we should all, no matter what, try to focus on and enjoy the present moment. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, the only time we truly have is this moment now. Make the best of it.

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