Why Artisans Provide Superior Customer Support?

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Why Artisans Provide Superior Customer Support?

This blog post was inspired with the email I got last Sunday morning.

One of my customers sent me an email describing the problem she had with printing .png files from Microsoft Word. It turned out that Word was printing out just blank pages. The coincidence was there were my .png files inside the document she was trying to print so she decided to ask me for help.

Now, at first, one may think, “Why would ask you, why not Microsoft support? Obviously the problem is in Microsoft Word.”

Well, there are quite a few things about that.

Why Artisans Provide Superior Customer Support?

First of all, I am extremely happy that she contacted me and not Microsoft support. Artisans like me, want, in a way, to relate to our customers, establish a connection, build a relationship after all. And what better way to that but to be of help when it’s needed.

Secondly, come on, did any of you ever try to send an email to Microsoft support and get a solution in a reasonable amount of time? How about Sunday morning? Exactly. And we all know that. We know that small businesses and artisans will be happy to help, at any time, any day while with big corporations, well, it’s a far cry.

Thirdly, another reason for such superior support is a fact that we, artisans, as a rule, have much less customers than big businesses. So, every customer we have, we value much more. And, we are able to dedicate more time to our customers.

Fourthly, no Microsoft (or any other big company for that matter) can beat the fact that the creators of the product always know much more about it than trained support staff. No matter how well trained they are.

Finally, we will provide better support simply because we live our businesses. We live them 24 hours a day. We don’t outsource our support to a call center in some third country on the other part of the world just because the labor is cheaper there. No. We don’t do that. We are the ones who provide support for our own products.

So, I hope I made my case. “May the jury reside to make their verdict.” 🙂

In the meantime, write, ask for help or advice, I’m here. Always happy to help.

Love you all,



The images on this blog post were created using:

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Cinematic Dust Photo Overlays

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