How To Overlay Your Day With Hearts [In Photoshop And A Real Life]

155 Bokeh Hearts Overlays
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How To Overlay Your Day With Hearts [In Photoshop And A Real Life]

In this blog post I talk about the art of adding flavors to our lives and our visual creations. I also present my pack of 155 Hearts Overlays which I use for the same purpose. I hope you will enjoy the read.

Bokeh Hearts Overlays (155)

Just imagine if your day was a plate. Every morning we are all presented with a day. It’s laid up in front of us and it’s up to us to consume it.

Wouldn’t you like to spice it?

Wouldn’t you like to give it a particular flavor of your choice?

Yep. Wouldn’t we all? 🙂

But most of the time we are unaware of the fact that we have that freedom. We are walking around with our pockets full of all kinds of spices and flavors – but we’re, in most of the cases – unaware of it.

So, if the day was good we say: “Oh what a great day it was!” If not “Oh, what a horrible day it was today.”

As if we are subjected to circumstances around us. We are, to a great extend, no point in denying that, but not fully. We just need to reach out to our pockets, select one of the flavors and sprinkle it over our day. Or should I say “overly it” 🙂 It will make a difference. No doubt about that.

Same goes when it comes to our visual expressions. Just think of it. Say, we are presented with a photo. Even a good one, but there is this little something that will give this image a particular “flavor”. And this flavor, in the world of visual design comes in many forms, shapes and appearances.

We can use overlays, bokeh overlays, light leaks, hearts, stars, diamonds, snowflakes, semi-transparent shapes in all sizes, we can use lights and colors… even the long forgotten (unrightfully so) Photoshop brushes (oh, these should be revived).

Anyways, this is why I create all these little “spices” and “flavors” which give images and photos, well – a particular taste. 🙂

One of the such “flavor sets” is this pack of 155 Bokeh Hearts Overlays  (now on sale!)

These are made for exactly this purpose. To flavor our work. Even to enhance it.

Pack features: 155 HiRes transparent PNG files and 155 HiRes JPG files on black background, 5616×3744 pix @300dpi. Commercial use OK!

Bokeh Hearts Overlays Pack Usage Examples Gallery

[soliloquy id=”18341″]

[add_to_cart sku=”84″]

Bokeh Hearts Overlays Pack Gallery with 155 different hearts bokeh overlays

[soliloquy id=”18338″]

[add_to_cart sku=”84″]

And this exactly what I plan to do this Thursday. I am going to “overlay” my day with some bokeh hearts and it’s gonna be just great!

Needless to say, I wish the same for you. Sprinkle some love over the people that surround you, give them a smile, a hug (when possible). Simply – make it a great day!

Love you all,


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