Autumn Photography

Autumn Photography and Desktop Wallpapers

Seven days from now the Summer of 2018. will officialy be over. It will only exist as a memory and it will exist as memory for only as long as we can remember it. (Am I smart or what :P)

And we will remeber it for good and bad. Probably a little bit of both, hopefully more good and surely – whatever happened this Summer – it will never happen again. So, if you have any bad memories of this Summer just remeber that. It will never happen again.

However, one way or another it will soon be gone, step out and leave it’s place to Autumn. And Autumn is what people who love nature and photography are really excited about. Why?

Because, you guessed, Autumn brings beautiful colors. There are two aspects if beautiful colors of Autumn.

First of all, as everybody knows – it’s leaves. Leaves are changing their color from green to light green, red, orange and all the way through the spectrum to brown. There are rarely such beautiful scenes as the ones of colorful trees in the Autumn.

Second aspect is the angle at which the Sun casts it’s rays towards our bellowed planet.The lower the angle is, the more interesting colors become. There is, of course a scientific, explanation for this. I can’t really remember all details but the bottom line is that the lower the angle of Sun rays is, the more layers of atmosphere(s) they have to pass through and as they do that the get “tweaked” so the final result is that the vivid colors we perceive gain even more vividness, especially the warm ones and this the beautiful color spectrum in the Autumn. It has to do with color frequencies and the angles at which light sun rays pass through until they reach the objects we look at.

It is a heaven for nature photographers. If you shoot a coloful tree or woods in the Autumn at sunset, it will really be difficult not to make an amazing picture. Shadows are also getting longer so here is one more nice effect for the Autumn photography.







Above are some of the shots I made in the past Autumns. I thought they’d make a nice desktop wallpapers and maybe you’ll like them too.

Here is a one in 1024×768 pix size:

autumn wallpaper 1024x768 graphics-illustrations

Well, my dear “peoples”, I hope you are enjoying this last Sunday of Summer in 2018., maybe somewhere in the nature, maybe with friends or family or both.

Whatever you do, spread love and make this one – a beautiful day.