Happy Monday

Every day is like this. Isn’t it? Every new day, every new week, month, year… they are all cycles with their beginnings, developments, culminations and ends. Just like any story. Same goes for our lives. It all goes around in cycles.

Well, as I am writing this, two new cycles begin. It’s morning, so the day begins and it’s Monday, obviously the week begins as well.

They say (some wise man), always begin while having the end in mind. By “the end” I guess they mean “desired outcome”.

So, well, the desired outcome of this day for me is a peaceful evening with some nice fresh memories of the day. Pleasant memories and evening with a smile.

Same goes for this week. Let’s start it by having a great Friday afternoon in mind and a whole bunch of great new memories of the week that just passed.

Ha? How cool is that?

Anyways, guys, this won’t be one of those long posts that turn to be a “drag” after first 50 sentences. No. I thought I’d just stop by before you start your day and week and wish you, well, this, what I’ve just said. Some great new experiences, creation of awesome memories. May something beautiful come your way today.

Yep. That’s it. Enjoy the time ahead of you. One day at a time and all will be fine.

After all, this is all just a perpetual transformation we’re going through and nothing ever remains the same.

Happy Monday

Love you all,



No, this post wasn’t much about graphics, but if you liked the graphic, maybe you’d be interested to know that I used clip art from Pink and Gold Scribble Floral Clip Art and the font used was Wisdom, free script font.