Floral Art In Pink And Gold, Clip Art

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Floral Art In Pink And Gold, Clip Art


If you are into visual expressions, looking for some “final touches” or scrapbooking elements, you might wanna look at these.

I made this Floral Art Scribble Clip Art a while ago just when I was getting ready to move to a different country and start a new life. I guess that’s why these, especially when on the white background, just “emanate” hope and optimism. That’s because hope and optimism are the feelings we all experience before making a change in our life. And enthusiasm.

I must admit, I haven’t felt so enthusiastic for quite some time already. I guess it’s obvious considering the daily blog posts and all these new products I made recently.

So, I hope you will like this Pink And Gold Scribble Floral Clip Art from my Five Cats Graphics Etsy shop. And if you are looking for a huuge selection of hundreds of high quality backgrounds, clip art, Photoshop overlays, Photoshop brushes, Illustrator brushes, vector graphics, ornaments, design elements … you may want to take a look at my work on GreenBulbGang.Com as this is where I put most of the stuff I did during the last 11 years of my work and this is where I am still adding new downloads regularly.

Ok. That’s it for today… oh, I almost forgot. Todays cover image was done with a little help of Night Sky with Stars Backgrounds and free script font Autery

Oh! And I almost forgot (am I forgetful or what) about the most important thing this week. The GBG eZine is out!!!

So, if you are a member of GBG (free or Premium Lifetime Member), there is a bunch of new downloads coming your way as you are reading this.

If not, you can subscribe here: https://greenbulbgang.com/

Ok. I hope I’ve said it all. So, that’s it for today. May Tuesday be your lucky day!

Love you all,


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