Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

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Creative Approach To Business Cards Design


Despite the Facebook, LinkedIn, Internet and all that, business cards are still alive and kicking. VHS (here is the link to VHS for younger generations) did not kill the Cinema, neither did DVD. 5.1 surround systems did not kill live concerts either. Even the theater is still alive :)))

We are still 5 senses human beings after all, what can I say 🙂

Whenever possible, we just like to see each other, meet, hang out even for business purposes and, of course, exchange business cards. The worst thing that can happen to you while talking to a perspective business partner is: “Oh, wait a minute! I’m afraid I ran out of business cards…” and the person you talk too gives you their card saying “Don’t worry, here are my details so you can contact me anytime.”

This happened to me not once and I tell you – did not like it. OK. It is not the end of the world either, but, it would be much, well, nicer if I had that business card with me.

However, just having a business card is not enough , everything evolves, every day. And so does design. And when it comes to business cards, really, creative approach and uniqueness are more important then ever. So, you will probably want to think about business card size, paper type (you might want to opt for recycled paper), paper thickness, coating … you may even go for magnetic cards which will stick to your (or your business partners) fridge. You will then think about the shape (you don’t want to get too creative here, make sure that it will still stick together with other business cards of your business partner, sticking out might be a bad thing sometimes 🙂

And finally, you will be deciding about fonts, background and graphics for your business card. (Unless this is already predefined by your company’s visual guidelines policy).

You might take the minimalistic approach and just put your name, email and web address in black text on white paper, or, you could opt for “groovie” approach. In my mind, both are cool.

However, if these thoughts on business cards were a “heads up” for you, you will probably want to check on some online business card printing companies. PrintRunner.Com offers different types of paper (including recycled paper), different shapes, sizes … so you will probably want to check their site for your business cards supply.

So, if you just realized you’re running out of business cards, the time has probably come to renew your supplies 🙂

Here are some samples of business cards I did, maybe you can use them for your inspiration.

Creative Approach To Business Cards Design
Creative Approach To Business Cards Design
Creative Approach To Business Cards Design
Creative Approach To Business Cards Design

I hope you liked the cards and the post!

Have a great day everyone!


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